Al-Mawarid Jurnal Hukum Islam
Vol 10 (2003): Lembaga Keuangan Islam


Mu’allim, Amir (Unknown)

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14 Jun 2015


Some of elements in our society have responded the expansive development and growth of syariah banking contemptuously, moreover, among some moslems themselves.The contemptuous view of Islamic banking showed by people’s trust for Syari’ah Banking has been still relatively low. It shown by the moslem participation on investment and capital movement. Indeed, some of moslem intellectuals have criticized syariah banking, they considered of the transactions done by Islamic bankings, even, in contrary with its own-concept. In other words, it’s in compatible with syari’ah spirit. The contemptuous view can’t be separated from capitalism economic that’s been deeply rooted in our society. Learning the problem surrounding syari’ah finance institution and some of its positive value, it’s urgently required for this institution to improve its profesionality, in order to arise its image, next in future it hopefully able to spread wider merciful benefit . The effort increasing profesionality have to more attention of the relationship between syari’ah finance institution and consumers, a commitment of continuous inovation and also a balanced consideration of decision maker research. Operationally, profesionality improvement of syari’ah finance institution able to apply the Criteria Grade of Syariah banking Choice in Yogyakarta as its measurement. Key words: Persepsi, Pandangan, Lembaga Keuangan Syari’ah, Profesionalitas.

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