Al-Mawarid Jurnal Hukum Islam
Vol 10 (2003): Lembaga Keuangan Islam

BANK ISLAM DAN HARAPAN UMAT (Studi Atas Kelebihan Bank Islam)

Zainuddin, Muhadi (Unknown)

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14 Jun 2015


Bank practices that practice by commercial banks can’t be free from materialistic capitalism. Those practices has made social problems that threaten human civilization. The hidden “poor” processing has been running body and spiritual. It happens because human faces materialistic business. Their dream about developing of economy can’t make true because unemployment and recession. That’s why, Economic Moslems try to formulate economy systems that keep away from negative effects to human civilization. They found mistakes from ways of thinking in modem society. Materialistic capitalism paradigm has got weakness, and serious effects -for moral crisis. It makes human is like machines that doesn’t care about his existence in social things. If they do what we call social things, of course it is not only than save his individualistic-ego. This paper tries to find those problems, and of course to give the results. It needs to other chosen about conventional bank institute that works is based on materialistic capitalism, because it is only producing social problems. It bases on histories Rosulullohs rules that managed financial system in his time, and tried to find Allah’s message in His verses. Those economist find “metafora amanah” (instruction metaphore) as its a paradigm. That’s why Islamic bank is really suitable to have more position than conventional bank. Of course It’s “metafora amanah” (instruction metaphore) can have more positive effects of ideology from Islamic economy, and it’s specially for bank system. It’s based on this system, of course, human can have balance between individual’s rule and social’s rules. By this concept, Islamic bank, by operational transactions, will have more benefits than other conventional bank. Islamic bank make clear of all transactions, more transparent, far away from exploring from one side and manipulation, and accountable. Finally, those benefits will give good effects for society, because this orientation will give good corporate and sharing.

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Law, Crime, Criminology & Criminal Justice


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