Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Engineering Applications (JAIEA)
Vol. 2 No. 2 (2023): February 2023

Identification Identification of land and water Centella asiatica leaf herbal plants using digital imagery with the Sobel Edge Detection algorithm

I Gusti Prahmana (STMIK Kaputama)
Kristina Annatasia Br Sitepu (STMIK KAPUTAMA)

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15 Feb 2023


Centella asiatica leaves or gotu kola leaves are wild plants that grow in Asian countries such as China, Indonesia, Japan and India. Since thousands of years ago, this gotu kola leaf has been known to treat various diseases. This plant is even used as a traditional herbal medicine in China and India. Centella asiatica is an annual herbaceous plant that grows and flowers throughout the year. Plants will thrive if the soil and environment are suitable to be used as a ground cover. Types of gotu kola that are often found are red gotu kola and green gotu kola. Centella asiatica is also known as antanan taman or antanan batu because it is found in rocky, dry and open areas. Centella asiatica grows with stolons and has no stems, but has rhizomes (short rhizomes). Meanwhile, green gotu kola is often found in rice fields and on the sidelines of the grass. Based on this problem, a study is needed to develop a system to determine the shape of leaf fiber density with a comparison of ground gotu kola and water gotu kola using image processing techniques to find the diameter. This measurement process uses the Matlab application and tests with the Sobel edge detection method and image processing to see edges that are more clearly visible. The results showed that the developed system was capable of obtaining images and identifying the fiber density of Centella asiatica leaves. The system was designed with Jupyter Notebook Python-based programming language analysis with image data taken via internet sources as research material.

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