Serat Rupa
Vol 1, No 1 (2013)

Pendekatan Semiotika dalam Analisa Ideologi Kapitalisme pada Iklan Media Televisi (Studi kasus: tVC lux “Wedding” Beauty lounge)

Hartanti, Monica (Unknown)

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11 Feb 2015


Capitalism has become one of the dominating ideologies of public life today. Proven by widespread advertising that communicates getting closer to the real life in its target audience. Ideology also related to semiotics in terms of communication. through Semiotics will be discussed the elements of communication through signs and codes which will be produce a meaning (denotative, connotative to myth). Advertisements use women as objects as well as the subject of advertising and trying to create a new myth in society in accordance with the standardization set up by the ad. Indoctrinating ads to their customers target in trade ways will produce meanings that are not merely selling products, but instead contribute to selling stereotypical lifestyle; It starts with the naturalization process conveyed by continuously media of advertisement. keywords: Capitalism Ideology, Semiotics,Women.

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