Communautaire: Journal of Community Service
Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022)

Implementing The Values of Moderation in Committing The Radicalism of Students in Muslimat Islamic Boarding Schools, NU, Central Java

Nurul Azizah (Universitas Nurul Jadid)
Ahmad Munib (Universitas Nurul Jadid)
Muhammad Syaichu Zakaria (Universitas Nurul Jadid)

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20 Jun 2022


The NU Muslimat Islamic Boarding School is a boardingschool under the auspices of the Central Java NU MuslimatEducation Foundation. Although in this pesantren, the studyof the yellow book is routinely carried out, it is also necessaryto strengthen it in countering radicalism. From this service,Islamic boarding schools make efforts to fortify students sothat they do not get carried away with radical ideas, namelyby conducting seminars and mentoring. From the activitiescarried out, there are several things that are emphasized forstudents, namely: strengthening morals, da'wah throughsocial media, strengthening knowledge for provision inpreaching, choosing teachers who are clear and credible intheir scientific knowledge.

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