Natural B
Vol 3, No 1 (2015)

Influence of Rice Seed Replanting Growth (Oryza sativa L.) Inpari-4 Varieties with Giving Frequency of Sound Waves

Bahtiar, Bahtiar (Unknown)
Widodo, Chomsin S. (Unknown)
Santoso, Didik R. (Unknown)

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14 Jul 2015


Has done research that aims to examine the influence of sound wave frequency of rice seeds of the shoots phase. Rice seeds Inpari-4 varieties planted at four growing medium in the sterofoam box with the treatment of the different frequncies of 10 Hz, 4 kHz, 7 kHz, 30 kHz and one growing medium without sound treatment which serves as the control plants.  The test parameters were often observed as an indicator of plant, a lot of leaves, wet and dry weight of roots, root lenght, moisture content and test unison is growing. The result showed that there is a sound wave frequency value responded well by rice seed shoots in the process so that its growth into the optimal frequency of 4 kHz. 

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