AL-FALAH : Journal of Islamic Economics
Vol 1, No 2 (2016)

Aplikasi Akad Tabarru’ Wadi’ah dan Qard di Perbankan Syariah

Hayati, Ilda (Unknown)

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23 Dec 2016


The economic transaction in Islam is not always to orientate on commercial, and profit-oriented activity. It is namely with tabbaru‟—all of agreement intentionally related to non-profit. The „aqd can be an activity of which gives or borrows something. In fact, especially in Islamic Bank, that „aqd is consistently maintained in the tabbaru‟ principles. The existed-cost in conserving, is obviously as an avoindance-compentation. The paper will examine the wadi‟ah concept and qard in Islamic Bank. Keywords: Application, Tabbaru‟ „Aqd, Wadiah, Qard and Islamic Bank.

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