English Language and Literature International Conference (ELLiC) Proceedings
Vol 2 (2018): 2nd ELLiC Proceedings: Education 4.0: Trends and Future Perspectives in English Educa

Acquiring Second Language of Reading Skill through Genre-based Approach

Istiqomah, Endah Kunti (Unknown)
Winimurti, Yosyie Azharia (Unknown)
Prawestri, Raksi Hajar (Unknown)

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13 Jul 2018


The purpose of this study was to find the effect of acquiring second language of reading skill through Genre-based Approach. Participants were divided into two treatments groups, and each group was assigned to do the same test, containing sections which involved reading items. Post-test was held immediately after the experiment was over. The results indicated that the score of the experimental group that is taught by using genre based approach is higher than control group were not taught by using genre based approach. It was proved that the students did better in mastering their reading skill when they were taught by using genre based. The data shows that the experimental group increases the mark significantly rather than the control group which applied other methods. So, the researchers concluded that this method will help students to get more understanding in term of reading.

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Languange, Linguistic, Communication & Media


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