IJISTECH (International Journal Of Information System & Technology)
Vol 1, No 1 (2017): November

Neural Network Analysis With Backpropogation In Predicting Human Development Index (HDI) Component by Regency/City In North Sumatera

Muhammad Noor Hasan Siregar (Universitas Graha Nusantara, Padangsidimpuan, Sumatera Utara)

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13 Nov 2017


Human Development Index (HDI) measures human development outcomes based on a number of basic components of quality of life. As a measure of the quality of life, HDI is built through a basic three-dimensional approach. Data obtained from the Central Bureau of Statistics 2015 for Human Development Index (HDI) by Regency / City in North Sumatera Province consisting of 32 alternatives and with 4 parameters ie life expectancy (year), expectation, school length (%), the average length of school (year) and per capita real expenditure (Rp). By using backpropagation obtained result of 6 testing of architecture pattern that is: 4-5-1, 4-10-1, 4-5-10-1, 4-10-5-1, 4-10-20-1 and 4- 15-20-1 obtained best architectural pattern is 4-10-20-1 with epoch 2126, error 0.0011757393, execution time 00:16 and accuracy 100%.

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