Jurnal Informatika
Vol 12, No 2: July 2018

Analysis of factors affecting the area of forest and land fires in Indonesia uses spatial regression Geoda and SaTScan

Tuti Purwaningsih (Universitas Islam Indonesia)
Alya Cintami (Universitas Islam Indonesia)

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Publish Date
15 Jul 2019


This study discusses the factors that influence the extent of forest and land fires in Indonesia that relate several other factors such as rain, fire events, and wind speed which were the events during 2015. Forest fires are one of the environmental and forest problems that is a local and global concern. Countermeasures have been carried out for a long time but are relatively low. By looking for the best regression model with a significance level of 0.05 or 95% using the Spatial Autoregressive Model (SAR) method, the coefficient of determination of 25.00% is obtained which can be obtained by the research regression model and leaves 75.00% needed by other variables that are variables changed

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