Lampung Journal of International Law (LaJIL)
Published by Universitas Lampung
The Lampung Journal of International Law or abbreviated as LaJIL, is an international journal published by the Faculty of Law, University of Lampung. The scope of this Journal is the development of international law sciences. LaJIL is a means of publication from results of the research, and a means of sharing developments in international law field. The background of the establishment of LaJIL Journal is focus on international law in Indonesian aspect. Therefore, Faculty of Law, University of Lampung took the initiative to establish a journal that specifically develops the issue of international law. Thus, we hope that the results of LaJIL publishing will provide an important output for the development of international law in generally, and to provide knowledge of international law of the sea, international human rights law, international of humanitarian law, international organization law, international trade and economics law, diplomatic law, international settlement disputes law, air and outer space law, international environmental law, international criminal law, and informatics and technology law in particularly. The article which will be published by LaJIL is a review article relating to the development of international law, both public and private international law. LaJIL is available in both print and online version.
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