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LENTERA: Jurnal Ilmu Dakwah dan Komunikasi
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LENTERA [p-ISSN: 2549-7391, e-ISSN: 2549-578X] is a scholarly periodical journal published by the Faculty of Ushuluddin, Adab, dan Dakwah, IAIN Samarinda. This scholarly periodical specialized in the study of dakwah and communication and seek to present the various result of the latest research The journal is published twice a year on June and December.
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Strategi Pembinaan Aktivitas Keagamaan Siswa di Madrasah Aliyah Negeri Insan Cendekia (MAN-IC) Kabupaten Paser Amirullah, Amirullah
LENTERA VOL 4, No 01 (2020): LENTERA
Publisher : IAIN Samarinda

Show Abstract | Download Original | Original Source | Check in Google Scholar | DOI: 10.21093/lentera.v4i1.2003


As an attempt to create a balance between intellectual and spiritual quotients among students, the ministry of religious affairs of Indonesia has initiated a flagship program of Madrasah Aliyah (MA) Unggulan applying boarding school system for all the students. This paper, thus, aims at understanding the strategy of religious coaching at state-funded MA Insan Cendekia in Paser Regency as one of the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs’ pilot program. This paper utilizes qualitative approach in analyzing data acquired through in-depth interviews with teachers and administrators at the school (MAN Insan Cendekia Paser). Findings reveal that the strategy of religious coaching applied by the school is the manifestation of its motto; performance, autonomy, and Islamic piety. The motto is translated into inspirational teacher program aimed at constructing students’ autonomy through religious, organizational, and instructional programs.Keywords: coaching strategy, madrassa students, and religious coaching.  
Kontribusi Dakwah Struktural dan Dakwah Kultural dalam Pembangunan Kota Palopo Syahruddin, Syahruddin
LENTERA VOL 4, No 01 (2020): LENTERA
Publisher : IAIN Samarinda

Show Abstract | Download Original | Original Source | Check in Google Scholar | DOI: 10.21093/lentera.v4i1.2050


Development strategy applied in Palopo is based on the spirit of religion, local wosdom, and geographical position of the city. Such strategy is represented on the seven dimensions of Palopo’s development strategy, namely: religion, education, health/sports, traditions and culture, trade, industry, and tourism. The contribution of Da’wa towards the development of Palopo is quite significant as structural Da’wa is implemented by Municipal Government, the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Palopo, Socio-religious Organizations, and Police Department. In addition to structural da’wa, cultural da’wa is also applied by Socio-religious Organizations in cooperation with traditional-indigeous organizations in the city. The implementation of both structural and cultural da’wa has made people in Palopo love the beauty, tranquility, safety, and hospitality of their city that is built according the principle of Madinah society. There are both internal and external hinderances on the way of da’wa in Palopo. Internal obstacles consist of the diversity of Islamic school of teachings that lead to a cinflicting image of moderate vs extreme and substantial vs symbolic teachings of Islam. External onstacles, on the other side, consist of radical understandings and practices of Islamic teachings, negative impacts of information coming from social media, and globalization.Keywords: Da’wa, development, and Palopo.
Pencitraan “Aman dan Damai” pada Aksi Reuni 212 Achfandhy, Mochammad Irfan
LENTERA VOL 4, No 01 (2020): LENTERA
Publisher : IAIN Samarinda

Show Abstract | Download Original | Original Source | Check in Google Scholar | Full PDF (256.169 KB) | DOI: 10.21093/lentera.v4i1.2066


The mass demonstration of Aksi Reuni 212 attracted large amount of controversy among Indonesian people due news framing of media which signify some aspects and suppress other aspects of the event thus effectively making the coverage subjective. This article aims at understanding the construction of news framing on the subject of Aksi Reuni 212, especially regarding the process of securing permission to perform the mass demonstration, by online news portals and It also aims at revealing the differences between the two news portals regarding their news framing construction. Model of framing analysis by William A. Gamson and Andre Modigliani is applied to analyze data in interpretative and qualitative manner. Findings reveal that news coverages from were more inclined to the preparedness of the government to deal with risks pertaining to national security posed by the event., on the other hands, framed the event of Aksi Reuni 212 as a regular, instead of extraordinary, demonstration event that does not need special attention regarding security threats it might brought. Despite differences in terms of how they framed the event, both news portals framed the event positively.Keywords: Aksi Reuni 212, image, and online media.
Studi Dramaturgi Presentasi Diri Da’i Migran di Kota Bengkulu Thadi, Robeet
LENTERA VOL 4, No 01 (2020): LENTERA
Publisher : IAIN Samarinda

Show Abstract | Download Original | Original Source | Check in Google Scholar | Full PDF (267.053 KB) | DOI: 10.21093/lentera.v4i1.2067


This paper aims at descriptively revealing the impression management regarding self-presentation of da’i migran (migrant preachers) in Bengkulu that includes: front stage and back stage within the communication process of everyday social life. This research applies qualitative approach within the tradition of dramaturgy. Data were collected through observation, interview and documentation. Findings reveal that the life of migrant preachers that occur in the front stages are very different with those that happened in the back stages. When he/she is in his/her front stages, a migrant preacher is required to act in a distinct manner to match his/her role such as exemplary role, polite in speaking, appropriate and proper in dressings, and live a humble life. In his/her back stage, a migrant preacher is free from such norms since there are no one to watch him/her. Here, a migrant preacher can live his/her take off his/her social mask and can life more authentically because without having to follow the instructions as she/he has to do in the front stage. Keywords: Da'wah activities, dramaturgy, migrant preachers and self-presentation
Konstruksi Toleransi pada Akun Media Sosial Jaringan Gusdurian Dewi, Danar Kristiana; Triandika, Lulus Sugeng
LENTERA VOL 4, No 01 (2020): LENTERA
Publisher : IAIN Samarinda

Show Abstract | Download Original | Original Source | Check in Google Scholar | Full PDF (463.051 KB) | DOI: 10.21093/lentera.v4i1.2159


The role of tolerance is very important amid issues of division and radicalism. The spread of information on radicalism and extremism was met with resistance by many social organizations. They counter the issues of extremism and radicalism spread in society with issues of tolerance. This study aims to determine how tolerance messages are constructed on social media, especially on the Instagram account of Jaringan Gusdurian. This research employs qualitative approach with Entmant framing analysis techniques. Findings reveal that tolerance is constructed as a key to peace and unity in Indonesia. The problem of intolerance is caused by extremism. The moral values that legitimize tolerance are friendly religious Islam, solidarity transcendental insight of the Indonesian people. While the solutions offered to solve the problem of tolerance are caring for diversity and implementing the values of Pancasila in everyday life.Keywords: Framing analysis, Instagram, social media, and tolerance.

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