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LENTERA: Jurnal Ilmu Dakwah dan Komunikasi
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LENTERA [p-ISSN: 2549-7391, e-ISSN: 2549-578X] is a scholarly periodical journal published by the Faculty of Ushuluddin, Adab, dan Dakwah, IAIN Samarinda. This scholarly periodical specialized in the study of dakwah and communication and seek to present the various result of the latest research The journal is published twice a year on June and December.
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Deconstructing the Meaning of Structural Da'wah: A Study of the Safari Subuh Berjama’ah by the Government of Ponorogo Regency Achfandhy, Mochammad Irfan
LENTERA VOL 5, No 01 (2021): LENTERA
Publisher : IAIN Samarinda

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Safari Subuh Berjama'ah is a structural da'wah effort carried out by the Ponorogo Regency Government to suppress people's immorality behavior. However, religious and political relations in the form of structural da'wah continue to be debated. The purpose of this study was to elaborate on the motives of political interests in the structural da'wah framework of Safari Subuh Berjama'ah. The research method used a descriptive qualitative approach. The approach used is a narrative approach by analyzing the text to deconstruct the da'wah motive from the news on the online media portal. The results showed that the purpose of the Safari Subuh Berjama'ah is to increase religiosity, build brotherhood bonds and village views as an effort to find out the development and problems of society. But on the other hand, there is a hidden motive behind the activity, which is to use it as a method of political communication to gain popular votes or campaigns. Uncompetitive political and religious relations tend to be more dominant in the political element. So that the values of da'wah which should be oriented towards Islamic teachings have shifted contradictory to the interests of politicians.Keyword: Structural Da'wah, Deconstruct, Political.
Students’ Literacy and Articles’ Quality Improvement in the Faculty of Da’wa and Communication in Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University Syamsiyatun, Siti; Izudin, Ahmad
LENTERA VOL 5, No 01 (2021): LENTERA
Publisher : IAIN Samarinda

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The aim of this article is to investigate student interest in accessing online platform of academic journals in the Faculty of Da’wah and Communication, UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta. This research applied survey method with quantitative technique to analyse collected data. The results show that all variables tested by conclusions are accepted. This means, after processing the data from the results of questionnaires, it can be seen that the data tested with simple linear regression methods have a positive value so it shows that students’ interest in accessing online journal has an effect on improving quality of their articles. Meanwhile, student interest in accessing online journal survey was still minimal, with 42.2% answered that they do not know the existence of the academic journals. However, 98% of students answered that the internet is a primary need. Unfortunately, the internet, as a tool to access online journals, is mostly used to find entertainment contents with a percentage of 56%. This value is obtained from the average access to the internet; 38% in between 1-3 hours, 30.4% in between 4-6 hours, 22.8% in between 7-10 hours, 4.8% in between 11-13%, ad 4% in > 14 hours.Keywords: Online academic journals, student interest, and survey.
Social Media as a Medium of Da’wah: Religious Transformation among Online Da’wah Audience on TikTok Platform Maghfirah, Fitri; Andriani, Fitria; Mirzal, Husnul
LENTERA VOL 5, No 01 (2021): LENTERA
Publisher : IAIN Samarinda

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This study aims to examine the da’wah activities movement in the Tik Tok application, and the religious transformation that is felt by listeners of Da’wa in the Tik Tok application. This study used a qualitative method with a phenomenological approach. Data collection was carried out through interview techniques, observation, questionnaire distribution, and in-depth review of previous research literature. The results of this study indicate that the Tik Tok media has been colored by creative Islamic da’wah video content so that it can attract a lot of attention from Tik Tok users, as well as being a breakthrough to eliminate negative justifications that are often pinned generally on Tik Tok . The creativity carried out by Da’wa Tik Tokers can be classified as a modern reconstruction of da’wah, so that the message conveyed seems more relaxed and in accordance with the times. Meanwhile, with the presence of da’wah content on Tik Tok, listeners have experienced several religious transformations, such as getting closer to Allah, avoiding bad deeds, gaining mental peace, and increasing spiritual values. The religious transformation experienced by listeners of Da’wa on Tik Tok is not only caused by the da’wah content on Tik Tok but may also be caused by other external factors. The results of this research are expected to be useful as an inspiration to da’wah activists to try to do da’wah activities in creative and innovative ways, one of which is through the Tik Tok application. In addition, this research is expected to be able to add literature in the field of Islamic studies, especially in the field of da’wah. Keywords: Da’wah, religious transformation, and Tik Tok. 
Commodification via the New Media: Content, Audience, and Labour in GoJek’s GoFood service Adi, Kun Muhammad; Sujoko, Anang; Antoni, Antoni
LENTERA VOL 5, No 01 (2021): LENTERA
Publisher : IAIN Samarinda

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The existence of new media makes humans have control over the media they consume only through a smartphone on their hands. GoJek contributes new dynamics because the use of new media in the form of an application has changed most of the life patterns of media behavior. In the context of new media, media behavior is inseparable from the concept of political economy communication. This research uses a qualitative approach by extracting information from users, merchants, and drivers on GoFood service features taken by purposive sampling. The collected data from the result of observations, interviews, and documentation will be associated and analyzed using the political economy communication concept of Vincent Mosco, especially the commodification. Researchers found that the aspects of the commodification of content, commodification of audience, and commodification of labor of GoFood service features resulted in changes in society in adapting internet technology which also affected the welfare of the Indonesian economy.Keywords: GoFood, commodification, political economy of communication, and new media
Cultural Preaching on Modern Society: A Phenomenological Study of an Islamic Foundation in Kudus Shavir, Ravida Chauria
LENTERA VOL 5, No 01 (2021): LENTERA
Publisher : IAIN Samarinda

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Rapid changes in both rural and urban societies require da’wa to be delivered more creatively. This paper aims at investigating the development of cultural da’wa by analyzing the dynamics of socio-cultural life in an Islamic da’wa institution named Yayasan Pendidikan Islam Kyai Thelingsing (YPIKT). This paper applies a qualitative phenomenological approach. Finding reveals that the cultural da’wa approach to the urban community was manifested in three ways: education, cultural heritage (grave pilgrimage), and recitation. On the education aspect, the YPIKT has four levels. The cultural heritage is shown by Haul Mbah Kyai Thelingsing activity, which attended whether Muslim and non-muslim (Chinese descendent) every Muharram. The recitation aspect has an ultimate goal this activity is happened every day after Maghrib or every Thursday night by the name of tahlilan.Keywords: Da’wa, Cultural, Community, Modern, Education

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