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LENTERA: Jurnal Ilmu Dakwah dan Komunikasi
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LENTERA [p-ISSN: 2549-7391, e-ISSN: 2549-578X] is a scholarly periodical journal published by the Faculty of Ushuluddin, Adab, dan Dakwah, IAIN Samarinda. This scholarly periodical specialized in the study of dakwah and communication and seek to present the various result of the latest research The journal is published twice a year on June and December.
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Creativity of Messages on Instagram Content of @Winngas as a Trigger for Brand Addiction for Their Followers Vivi, Salfiyah; Marta, Rusnoto Farady; Isnaini, Muhamad
LENTERA VOL 5, No 02 (2021): LENTERA
Publisher : IAIN Samarinda

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Instagram is one of the most commonly used social media in a company or institution in communicating company activities or activities with their respective goals. The digital era like today forces every marketer to be able to manage Instagram media so that it can be well received by consumers in order to create brand awareness. Winn Gas is a kitchen equipment brand that uses Instagram @winngas as a means of disseminating information about sales to consumers to increase brand awareness with creative message strategies that are created. Strategy based on Advertising approach, message appeal, execution framework and credibility of source or endorser. This study uses Holsti's qualitative content by paying attention to Instagram content from @winngas which is found in image content uploaded every day, plus by paying attention to Winn Gas's Instagram which protects with supporters. There are two endorsers to be studied, namely Chef Muto and Chef Devina Hermawan and Focus content taken from @winngas instargam posts categorized from product posts, mini quiz activities, holiday greetings, cooking content, events, interesting facts, creative message content. Posts are taken from a 30 day period represented by 10 Instagram posts. The results of the study show that the posts made by @winnga in the form of a creative message unit can increase brand addacition on social media Instagram
The Impact of Social Media on Adolescent Personality in Psychosocial Perspective Agustin, Delvina Tri
LENTERA VOL 5, No 02 (2021): LENTERA
Publisher : IAIN Samarinda

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Advancement in technology has led to the emergence of social media applications that are widely adopted nowadays as a platform of communication. This brings a good impact on society, including on teenagers. From the perspective of social psychology, the use of social media affects teenagers’ personalities because social influence affects the decision-making process among teenagers. This article aims at revealing the use of social media among teenagers and its’ impact on their attitude towards the potential impacts of using social media. This article utilizes a survey result from a sample of teenagers from a junior high school is Samarinda. Findings show that teenagers use social media for entertainment and educational purposes. They are aware of the possibility that social media can be used as a platform to spread hoaxes and fake news due to the ability of the users to be anonymous during on social media.

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