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Kuttab: Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan Islam
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Core Subject : Education,
ruang lingkup kajian yang bisa diterima dalam jurnal ini yaitu hasil dari riset baik secara konseptual maupun empiris yang meliputi antara lain: kurikulum pendidikan Islam, kepsesantrenan, madrasah diniyah dan pendidikan non formal lainnya, media dan metode pembelajaran pendidikan Islam, pemikiran pendidikan Islam, filsafat pendidikan Islam, sejarah pendidikan Islam.
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Kontruksi Kemampuan Psikomotorik Peserta Didik Pada Pembelajaran Fiqih di MAN 1 Lamongan Hepi Ikmal
Kuttab : Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan Islam Vol 2, No 2 (2018): KUTTAB : Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan Islam
Publisher : Universitas Islam Lamongan

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This study reveals a problem about how teachers build students’ psychomotor abilities in fiqih learning at MAN 1 Lamongan. The formulation of this problem is 1) How is the application of curriculum in jurisprudence learning in MAN 1 Lamongan?, 2) What is the method of learning jurisprudence in MAN 1 Lamongan?, 3) How is the development of psychomtoric abilities of students in learning jurisprudence in MAN 1 Lamongan ?. This research uses qualitative research methods and descriptive approaches. The subject of fiqh teacher research, as well as MAN 1 Lamongan students. With interview, observation and documentation data collection techniques. And technical analysis of data using data reduction, data presentation, and data verification. From the findings of this research the first curriculum in MAN 1 Lamongan already uses the 2013 curriculum, and uses three stages, namely 1) The planning stage, 2) The implementation phase, 3) The evaluation phase. Both fiqh learning methods have used the Lecture Method, Question and Answer Method, Practice Method, Roll Playying Method, Assignment Method. Third Development of Psychomotor Ability in Subjects of Fiqh in MAN 1 Lamongan, Determining the purpose of the form of action, Analyzing the skills in detail, Practicing brief explanation skills, Giving students the opportunity to try, Doing pr actice with supervision and guidance, Providing an assessment of students' efforts.
Tri-Relasi Kompetensi sebagai “brand image” Pendidikan Nasional Winarto Eka Wahyudi
Kuttab : Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan Islam Vol 2, No 2 (2018): KUTTAB : Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan Islam
Publisher : Universitas Islam Lamongan

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Education runs very dynamically. Because they have to adjust to the pulse of changing times so rapidly, at least three urgent challenges must be answered by national education. The problem of advancing information technology, nationalism and socio-cultural spirit is a sexy issue that must not only be discussed but must also be answered thoroughly. In certain aspects, if education only responds to the progress of science and science, it will give birth to mechanical humans who are far from spiritual and cultural values. For this reason, in the millennial era, it is necessary to form a "brand image" of national education by initiating three competencies that must be carried out in an integrated manner with one another: namely digital competence, national competence and cultural competence. Mainstreaming the three components in the millennial era is crucial, because of the challenges ahead, plurality empties through the three segments. Thus, providing understanding and competence of the nation's generation through these three things, in addition to being a capital to face the swift waves of changing times, also in the context of building a genuine national education self-image amid world education contestation

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