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Diakronika accepts and contains articles that focus on the results of scientific studies and the results of research on history and education (learning) history. The results of the study contribute to the understanding, development of scientific theories and concepts, and their application in education and history in Indonesia and the world. Diakronika scales include studies of Indonesian history and world history, and educational studies in the form of subject matter, strategies, media, learning models, as well as historical learning evaluations.
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TUANKU NAN RENCEH (1762-1832) Setiawan, Irwan
Diakronika Vol 17 No 2 (2017): DIAKRONIKA
Publisher : FIS Universitas Negeri Padang

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Tuanku Nan Renceh was an Islamic cleric (ulama), leader and commanding figure who held in Indonesia History as a fighter against the Dutch colonialism in the battle known as the Padri War in Minangkabau. In contrast to this, the existence of this figure in history, was generally considered as a controversial figure who was responsible for the violence and bloodshed. Ironically, this figure appeared as a completely controversial figure on account of the written sources generally referred to him as an emotionally charged, fierce and frightening character. The source came from the enemy of Tuanku Nan Renceh at that time. When searching about his biography, it was very rarely obtained information about the history of life, family, struggle and the end of his life. The recent short article revealed the life history of Tuanku Nan Renceh and his valuable contribution for Minangkabau history in the days of Padri. Through this formulated paper, it is expected the life history of Tuanku Nan Renceh can be discovered. Most importantly, the respected readers can also assess his presence in more neutral position and do not discredit his character as a radical figure.
Diakronika Vol 17 No 2 (2017): DIAKRONIKA
Publisher : FIS Universitas Negeri Padang

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Kecenderungan tumpang tintih materi pelajaran sejarah di sekolah dewasa ini, baik antar jenjang pendidikan maupun antar kelas pada jenjang pendidikan yang sama menjadi fenomena yang selalu menarik untuk dikaji. Materi sejarah yang demikian tidak akan terjadi bila secara rutin dilakukan penyusunan learning continuum (LC) oleh semua kalangan terkait. Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk menghasilkan model learning continuum keterampilan berpikir historis mata pelajaran sejarah SMA. LC keterampilan berpikir historis, menggambarkan peningkatan keterampilan peserta didik untuk menguasai keterampilan berpikir historis mulai dari keterampilan dasar hingga keterampilan yang paling tinggi pada pembelajaran sejarah SMA. Penelitian melalui dua tahap, yakni tahap pengembangan model LC dan tahap pengembangan instrumen yang disertai uji dengan coba terbatas. Data dianalisis dengan Partial Credit Model (PCM) menggunakan program QUEST. Hasil pengembangan aspek dan sub aspek LC keterampilan berpikir historis menghasilkan dua keterampilan yakni keterampilan dasar (basic skill) dan keterampilan penelitian sejarah (historical research capabilities). Hasil uji coba menunjukkan bahwa tes terbukti fit dengan PCM. Reliabilitas tes uji coba baik, dengan koefisien alpha Cronbach sebesar 0,82.

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