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Jurnal Informatika Ekonomi Bisnis adalah Jurnal Nasional, yang didedikasikan untuk publikasi hasil penelitian yang berkualitas dalam bidang Informatika Ekonomi dan Bisnis, namun tak terbatas secara implisit. Jurnal Informatika Ekonomi Bisnis menerbitkan artikel secara berkala 4 (empat) kali setahun yaitu pada bulan Maret, Juni, September, dan Desember. Semua publikasi di jurnal ini bersifat terbuka yang memungkinkan artikel tersedia secara bebas online tanpa berlangganan. Jurnal Informatika Ekonomi Bisnis sebagai media kajian ilmiah hasil penelitian, pemikiran dan kajian analisis-kritis dalam bidang informatika ekonomi dan bisnis. Sebagai bagian dari semangat menyebarluaskan ilmu pengetahuan hasil dari penelitian dan pemikiran untuk pengabdian pada masyarakat luas, serta sebagai sumber referensi akademisi dalam bidang informatika ekonomi dan bisnis.
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Tingkat Peramalan Penjualan Produk Bordir dan Sulaman Menggunakan Metode Trend Moment Putri, Fellanie Mayesa
Jurnal Informatika Ekonomi Bisnis Vol. 4, No. 2 (2022): Accepted
Publisher : Rektorat Universitas Putra Indonesia YPTK Padang

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Forecasting is data in the past that is used for the purposes of estimating future data. Selling is a managerial social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want, create, offer, and exchange products of value with others. Yenie Embroidery and Embroidery Shop is a shop that is engaged in craftsmanship and sales of embroidery such as embroidery and embroidery, the results of craftsmen and embroidery located in Bukittingi. Currently Yenie Embroidery and Embroidery Stores are experiencing an increase both in terms of consumers and in terms of the type of merchandise. With the forecast can help to predict future sales and can minimize losses to a product. In this study, a forecast is carried out for the next month and to find out the success rate of the trend moment forecasting method for sales from Yenie Embroidery and Embroidery Shops through sales data. The method used in this research is the Trend Moment Method. The Trend Moment method is a method that uses certain statistical and mathematical methods to determine the function of a straight line as a substitute for a broken line formed by historical company data. The results of the study can forecast sales of embroidery and embroidery products properly and optimally. So that the store management can predict the inventory of goods for the future optimally. This action can improve service to the availability of goods very well
Analisis Tata Kelola E-Government Pelayanan Administrasi Menggunakan Framawork COBIT 5 Wahyuni, Ilham
Jurnal Informatika Ekonomi Bisnis Vol. 4, No. 2 (2022): Accepted
Publisher : Rektorat Universitas Putra Indonesia YPTK Padang

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Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems have a very important role for the Department of Population and Civil Registration of Tanah Datar Regency (DUKCAPIL). DUKCAPIL is a government service in population administration matters. To find out that DUKCAPIL's performance is in accordance with the plan, it is necessary to analyze E-Geverment governance. This study aims to determine the level of capability (capability level) and system improvement by monitoring, reviewing and measuring in the application of IT at DUKCAPIL Tanah Datar. IT governance analysis uses the COBIT 5 framework with 5 domains, namely EDM (Evaluating, Direction, and Monitoring), APO (Align, Plan, Organise), BAI (Build, Acquire, and Implement), DSS (Deliver, Service and Support) , and MEA. The method of data collection in this study was a literature study (review of IT application and literature study) question and answer in interviews and filling out questionnaires, then an analysis was carried out to determine the level of ability and gaps in the application of IT. The results of the EDM domain at level 2, APO at level 1, BAI at level 1, DSS at level 1, and MEA (Monitoring, Evaluate, and Asses) at level 2. The level of capability obtained from the analysis results is the capability level of DUKCAPIL Tanah Datar when viewed from the EDM04 Ensure Resource Optimization process and MEA01 Monitor, Evaluate and Assess Performance and Conformance are at level 2 Managed Process. This shows that the process has been recorded, measured and in accordance with the objectives. The APO07 Manage Human Resources, BAI09 Manage Assets and DSS01 Manage Operations processes are at level 1 Performed Process, which means that the process has been applied to DUKCAPIL Tanah Datar.

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