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Scientia Psychiatrica
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Scientia Psychiatrica covers the latest developments in various fields of psychiatric : biological psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, child psychiatry, psychiatry of community, psychotherapy, drugs-related mental illness, psychiatry of geriatric, psychosomatics medicine, psychology, cultural psychiatry, military psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, consultation liaison psychiatry and all medicine fields related psychiatry. Genetics, immunology, environmental health, toxicology, bioinformatics and biotechnology as well as multidisciplinary studies. The views of experts on current advances in nanotechnology and molecular/cell biology will be also considered for publication as long as they have a direct clinical impact of psychiatry.
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Risk Factors of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Palembang, Indonesia Maritska, Ziske; Nita Parisa; Satria, Leonardo
Scientia Psychiatrica Vol. 1 No. 4 (2020): Scientia Psychiatrica
Publisher : HM Publisher

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Abstract Background: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a group of nervous system development disorders with polygenic inheritance patterns, characterized by a type of dysfunctional in social communication and limited also repetitive behaviors. Risk factors for ASD can be divided into two categories in general: genetic, and environmental factors. To date, a study about risk factors of ASD in Indonesia, let alone Palembang, is limited. Therefore, this study wished to investigate the risk factors of children with ASD in Dr. Mohammad Hoesin Hospital, Palembang. Method: This study is an observational descriptive study. Samples were children with ASD who went to Dr. Mohammad Hoesin Hospital, Palembang. The primary data obtained from a semi-structured interview with parents/guardians of children with ASD, while secondary data obtained from their medical records. Result: The most common risk factors identified in this study are the paternal age and maternal age ≥ 30 years at the time of conception (59,8% and 40.2%), and the history of cesarean delivery (27,8%). Conclusion: This study concludes that the occurrence of ASD in Palembang is multifactorial, involving both genetic and environmental risk factors.
Use of Antipsychotics in Dementia Patients: A Descriptive Study Maritska, Ziske; Muhammad Hilal Atthariq Ramadhan; Bintang Arroyantri Prananjaya
Scientia Psychiatrica Vol. 1 No. 4 (2020): Scientia Psychiatrica
Publisher : HM Publisher

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ABSTRACT Introduction. Dementia is a chronic progressive syndrome in which there is a decrease in the function of cognitive abilities including memory impairment, thinking ability, orientation, understanding, calculation, language, and assessment but without impaired consciousness. Apart from cognitive impairment, dementia is often accompanied by psychological symptoms and behavioural symptoms so that antipsychotic therapy is needed to overcome this. This study aims to identify the description of the use of antipsychotics in patients with dementia at Dr Mohammad Hoesin Palembang in the period 1 January 2014-31 December 2018. Methods. This research was a descriptive study using secondary data in the form of medical records of dementia patients receiving antipsychotic therapy at Dr Mohammad Hoesin General Hospital, Palembang. Samples were taken using a total sampling method. Results. There were 29 dementia patients (38.67%) receiving antipsychotic therapy. Most of the dementia patients who received antipsychotic therapy were in the late elderly age (27.59%) and were female (55.17%). The most commonly administered antipsychotic drug is haloperidol from the dopamine receptor antagonist (60%) with the most frequent dose of 0.5 mg (34.48%). Risperidone from the serotonin-dopamine antagonist class is the second most frequently prescribed antipsychotic drug (34.28%) at a dose of 1 mg (17.28%). The mean of haloperidol was 425 days, and risperidone was 295.5 days. Conclusion. Although in theory, psychological and behavioural symptoms are often found in dementia cases, not all dementia patients in RSUP Dr Mohammad Hoesin Palembang received antipsychotic therapy. People living with dementia who receive antipsychotic treatment get various types of drugs, dosages, and frequencies.
Psychosocial Aspect on Childhood Onset Psychosis Marchira, Carla R.
Scientia Psychiatrica Vol. 1 No. 4 (2020): Scientia Psychiatrica
Publisher : HM Publisher

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ABSTRACT Introduction. Early-onset psychosis (EOP) or early-onset schizophrenia (EOS), also called childhood-onset schizophrenia (COS), is a rare and severe form of schizophrenia and signed by psychotic symptoms by age 12 years. Diagnosis criteria of COS are similar to the criteria of schizophrenia in adolescence and adulthood. The difference is that instead of showing deteriorating functioning, children may fail to achieve their level of social and academic functioning. This study aimed to report the psychosocial aspect of COS case suffered by 12 years old girl treated for two years. Method. In-depth interviews were conducted with patients of COS and parents about the course of illness, parent's acceptance, patient's perception, friends and teachers' acceptance, and patient's academic achievement. Result. Parents could accept the patient's illness with expectation and hope that patient could finish her education as high as possible through her medication. COS patient thinks that she has "special ability" instead of a mental disorder.
Psychodinamic Aspect in Mixed Anxiety and Depression Disorder: a Case Report Yanti, Lisda; Mahar Agusno
Scientia Psychiatrica Vol. 1 No. 4 (2020): Scientia Psychiatrica
Publisher : HM Publisher

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Abstract Introduction. According to the ICD-10 criteria, mixed anxiety disorders and depression (MADD) are characterized by symptoms of anxiety and subsyndromal depression that occur together, but nothing dominates. A mixture of anxiety and depression disorders have various risk factors that underlie the occurrences. This case report aims to discuss the mixture of anxiety and depression disorders and their background. Case Presentation. A man, 23 years old, college student, single, middle down the socio-economic background, lived in a rural area in Yogyakarta, came to consult a psychiatrist at the psychiatric clinic Dr. Sardjito general hospital with complaints felt excessive anxiety and depressed because they were unable to do the thesis. From the psychiatric examination, it was found that men according to age, good self-care, thin body posture, many bowed, often moving his hands, looking nervous, cooperative, intonation and small voice volume, clear articulation, depressed mood, depressed mood, inappropriate affect, realistic thought, worried, worried about moving house, worried about the future, worried about people's assumptions about patients for fear of being blamed, sinful ideas, low self-esteem ideas, ideas of reference, ambivalence, a progression of coherent thought, relevance, good orientation, good memory, mental relations can, there are disturbances in concentration and attention, good impulse control. The patient realizes that what he is thinking is not real and only exists in his mind. Conclusion. Psychodynamic aspects have a role in anxiety disorders and depression.
Do Online Games Affect the Quality of Attachment Between Adolescents and Parents? Kusumastiwi, Tesaviani
Scientia Psychiatrica Vol. 1 No. 4 (2020): Scientia Psychiatrica
Publisher : HM Publisher

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Abstract Online games are games using machines based on internet networks so that they can interact between players and can be accessed either via computers, console games or smartphones. This game is top-rated not only apart from the challenges that exist in the game, as well as the interaction with other players, so it resembles real life. Ease of access and fun games cause online game users to take more and more time to play online games. This behaviour makes online game users neglect their daily activities and reduce interaction with the real world. Adolescence is an age that is prone to addiction to online games due to various factors. The attachment of parents and adolescents is allegedly able to play a role as a preventive factor and symptom improvement in online gaming disorder in adolescence.

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