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Scientia Psychiatrica
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Scientia Psychiatrica covers the latest developments in various fields of psychiatric : biological psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, child psychiatry, psychiatry of community, psychotherapy, drugs-related mental illness, psychiatry of geriatric, psychosomatics medicine, psychology, cultural psychiatry, military psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, consultation liaison psychiatry and all medicine fields related psychiatry. Genetics, immunology, environmental health, toxicology, bioinformatics and biotechnology as well as multidisciplinary studies. The views of experts on current advances in nanotechnology and molecular/cell biology will be also considered for publication as long as they have a direct clinical impact of psychiatry.
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The Mental Health of First-Year Medical Students in Universitas Baiturrahmah Anissa, Mutiara; Resti Rahmadika Akbar; Anita Darmayanti; Meta Oktora
Scientia Psychiatrica Vol. 2 No. 3 (2021): Scientia Psychiatrica
Publisher : HM Publisher

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Introduction. First-year students are a group that has experienced many changes in their lives. Studying in university requires students to be exposed to new challenges, namely academic demands, independence to meet needs and activities, and more independence in learning. Medical students have a heavier burden due to a dense curriculum, so that they will face various module exams, clinical skills, practicums, lectures, and other student organizational activities. If students are not able to adjust, then this can cause emotional mental disorders.Methods. This study was a cross-sectional design. Participants are new students of the 2020 in Faculty of Medicine, consist of the Medical Study Program and the Clinical Pharmacy Study Program. The research sample is total sampling. This research instrument uses a Self Reporting Questionnaire (SRQ). This questionnaire can measure the mental state of a person who has a 30 days time limit. Data processing using SPSS, univariate data is displayed in the form of a frequency distribution table.Results. In this study, most of the respondent have total SRQ less than 6 (80.8%). The symptoms of mental emotional disorders that are most commonly found are somatic symptoms and depressive symptoms.Conclusion. The mental health of Baiturrahmah medical students is still within the normal range, but mental health assessments need to be carried out every year.
An Overlap between Depression and Anxiety- A Literature Review Wulandari, Patricia
Scientia Psychiatrica Vol. 2 No. 3 (2021): Scientia Psychiatrica
Publisher : HM Publisher

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Most studies show a high overlap between depression and anxiety syndromes. Relevant data come from representative studies. In clinical settings, the relative proportion of comorbid cases is even higher than that found in representative population surveys. Individuals with two concomitant disorders, suffering from a high overall burden, are more likely to seek treatment than individuals with only one disorder (Berkson’s paradox). Both depression and anxiety syndromes also co-occur with other psychiatric conditions such as substance abuse or personality disorders.
Brain Development of Attachment Experience: How It Affects Our Brain? Hidayat, Rachmat; Patricia Wulandari
Scientia Psychiatrica Vol. 2 No. 3 (2021): Scientia Psychiatrica
Publisher : HM Publisher

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Our infant experiences involve our emotions, behavior, perceptions, and our mental models of the world of others and ourselves. Implicit memories encode the early forms of our learning about the world. Implicit memories directly shape our experiences here and now with no clue as to their origins from past events. Attachment research, combined with independent findings from our modern studies of genetics and developmental neurobiology, suggests that certain types of communication in emotionally connected relationships offer an essential experience that a child's mind can develop. This literature review describes how our experience in childhood affects brain development.
Absence of Biological Mothers in Infancy in Children and Adolescents on Diagnosis of Mental Disorders at Ikeswar Outpatient Clinic, Prof. Dr. Soerojo Mental Hospital, Magelang Edith Humris; Bangun, Susi Rutmalem; Bayu Soenarsana Putra; Sak Liung; Kornelis Ibrawansyah
Scientia Psychiatrica Vol. 2 No. 3 (2021): Scientia Psychiatrica
Publisher : HM Publisher

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Introduction. Globally, psychopathological problems in children and adolescents will become one of five problems that cause disability, morbidity, and even mortality in the next 20 years. The quality of a child's early attachment relationship is closely related to future brain and personality development. Attachment disorders are associated with the development of psychopathology in childhood and adulthood. This study aims to describe mental disorders in children and adolescents due to mothers who leave their children in infancy on Java, especially around Magelang. Methods. The type of this research is cross-sectional, namely descriptive research. The sample in this study were all patients and their parents/guardians who came for a consultation to the Ikeswar Polyclinic, Mental Hospital Prof. Dr.Soerojo Mental Hospital started on February 18, 2019. The examination uses the mental status determined and guided by PPDGJ III (Guidelines for Classifying the Diagnosis of Mental Disorders). Results. Most of the research respondents was male, both in children with excellent or poor attachment. As much as 26.1% in the group with suitable attachment. The age of most respondents is ten years old. The fourth axis diagnosis regarding psychosocial and environmental problems that most respondents experienced was primary support group (family) problems Conclusion. The attachment of the biological mother to the child at the age of fewer than two years is essential for the emotional mentality of the child at the age afterward and there is no visible picture of the difference in diagnosing mental disorders in children with suitable attachment and poor attachment.
Bipolar Type 1 Disorder Comorbid with Idiopathic Epilepsy in Children: A Case Report Fadilah, Syaiful; Fatimah Haniman
Scientia Psychiatrica Vol. 2 No. 3 (2021): Scientia Psychiatrica
Publisher : HM Publisher

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Intoduction. Bipolar disorder in children and adolescents, is a clinical disorder that causes public mental health problems that need attention. In the last decade, bipolar disorder in children and adolescents has become a field of great interest, both in the clinical field and in research, especially in terms of the diagnosis which is still controversial. This case report aims to describe type 1 bipolar disorder in children accompanied by idiopathic seizures. Case presentations. A boy, Mr. M, 10 years old, came to the polyclinic with the chief complaint of walking around during lessons. From the autoanamnesis, the patient said that he was happy, had good achievements in school. The patient experienced a change in behavior for 1 year, which had worsened for 4 months ago. The patient walks around the school while the other students are studying, the patient can't sit still and feels bored. Patients sometimes sing while banging the table. About a week of changing behavior, the patient began to experience frequent seizures. The patient has seizures while sleeping, has seizures if during the day the patient is angry with other people or has too much activity. The patient received pharmacological therapy in the form of aripiprazole, valproic acid and lorazepam. Non-pharmacological interventions are given in the form of family psychoeducation about the disease suffered by the patient. Conclusion. Clinical and phenomenological characteristics of bipolar disorder in children and Teenagers are unique. In connection with the presence of a unique clinical picture, it is necessary to introduce cases and treatment as early as possible.

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