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Indonesian Journal of Social Responsibility (IJSR) e-ISSN 2685-3833 is an Open Access Journal that publishes scientific articles of community service research and policy analysis focuses on the fields of (1) community services, empowerment and entrepreneurships; (2) application of science and technology for sustainable development; (3) social, political, and economic Issues; (4) sustainable governance and public policy; (5) information and communication strategy published by Lembaga Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (LPkM) Universitas Bakrie. IJSR publishes 2 times in a year every June (Submission deadline April 30th) and December (Submission deadline October 30th)
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Pemberdayaan Masyarakat melalui Sosialisasi Pembuatan Hand Sanitizer bagi DWP UIN Randen Mas Said Surakarta Moh Taufik; Septin Puji Astuti; Rizky Kusumawardani
Indonesian Journal for Social Responsibility Vol. 5 No. 01 (2023): June 2023
Publisher : LPkM Universitas Bakrie

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Worldwide Covid-19 pandemic leads people live in healthy life to avoid this disease. Wash hand using clean water and hand soap or hand sanitizer is one of the forms of reducing the possibility to suffer from Covid-19. The making of hand sanitizer is essential to be introduced to the society through community engagement activities. This activity aims to improve the skill of the audience to produce alcohol based-hand sanitizer. Along with Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta, the Centre for Science and Technology UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta conducted a workshop for producing alcohol based-hand sanitizer. This workshop is presented to DWP UIN Raden Mas Said members. The workshop was delivered by using an educational training lecture; lecture and training. The trainer introduced the materials and the step by step of making hand sanitizer. After the workshop, evaluation is conducted by distributing online-questionnaire to the audience. Four aspects were evaluated are material for producing hand sanitizer, tools and instruments for producing hand sanitizer, production process of the hand sanitizer, and what are the role and function of material for hand sanitizer. By using Wilcoxon sign-test, the results of the evaluation show that the audience have a significant understanding in terms of the knowledge to material and tools for producing hand sanitizer.
Pengolahan Limbah Serat Fiber sebagai Substitusi Material Pengisi Media Tanam Organik di Mitra WBS Fiberglass Poncokusumo Muhammad Roy Asrori; Aman Santoso; Sumari Sumari; Yana Fajar Prakasa; Siti Nur Mahmudah
Indonesian Journal for Social Responsibility Vol. 5 No. 01 (2023): June 2023
Publisher : LPkM Universitas Bakrie

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Micro-enterprises in the community still need a helping hand in the form of a service program from the campus. It is known that the micro-enterprise community belongs to the lower middle class, so there is still a lack of interest in seeking information/literacy and this results in the absence of business development in the future in a better direction. In Karanganyar Village, Poncokusumo, Malang, a fiber business was found in the manufacture of tools made of plastic, this business has been running for 3 years and there is still no high enough development. In addition, another problem is the problem of fiber waste that has not been utilized at all. There was no processing or conversion into useful and economically valuable materials. The solution offered is the manufacture of organic pots/growing media. The method of implementing this service used three stages, namely preparation, implementation, and reporting. The data collected in the form of documentation, observation, and the results of filling out the respondent's questionnaire which was then analyzed descriptively qualitatively. The results of the service showed that organic growing media from fiberglass can be applied and attract partners' interest. Knowledge of occupational health and safety has enthusiastically educated partners. The results of the partner satisfaction questionnaire showed that this service activity has a very satisfied response category of 65.7% and a satisfied response of 34.3%. So, WBS fiberglass partners have received, supported, appreciated, and followed this service well.
Pengolahan Ikan Asap Berdasarkan Konsep Cara Pengolahan Pangan yang Baik (CPPB) untuk Meningkatkan Branding Kuliner Unggulan Pantai Prigi Trenggalek Rina Rifqie Mariana; Nur Wahyu Hidayat; Andoko Andoko; Yon Ade Lose Hermanto; Andreas Syah Pahlevi; Muntholib Muntholib
Indonesian Journal for Social Responsibility Vol. 5 No. 01 (2023): June 2023
Publisher : LPkM Universitas Bakrie

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Currently smoked fish is known as the superior cuisine of Prigi Beach, Trenggalek Regency. The local government in Trenggalek Regency was quite successful in empowering the community around Prigi Beach through training in producing smoked fish while at the same time utilizing abundant fish resources. However, their production and marketing processes were still conventional that which negatively impacted the profit since the products were deteriorated before they were all sold due to the limited targeted consumers that were Prigi Beach tourists. This community service offered solutions and methods such as counseling and practices regarding healthy, preserved, and safe storage for smoked fish process based on the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and digital marketing training continued with gifting packing and freezer tools to one group of artisans. This activity was joined by 20 artisans in Tasikmadu Village, Prigi Bay, Watulimo District, Trenggalek Regency. After one month of monitoring and guidance by the community service team, artisans could improve their products into healthy, preserved, and safe products. Also, their market is widened not only limited to the beach, but also through Instagram and other social media. Thus, their profit gradually increased since August.
Pelatihan Peningkatan Kualitas Pelaporan Keuangan Yayasan Berdasarkan Interpretasi Standar Akuntansi Keuangan 35 di Masjid Jami Al-Mujahidin Bintara Bekasi Barat Jurica Lucyanda; Monica Weni Pratiwi; Berkah Iman Santoso; Dudi Rudianto; Dinda Annastasya Nurdini; Anisah Fadhilah; Charis Taga
Indonesian Journal for Social Responsibility Vol. 5 No. 01 (2023): June 2023
Publisher : LPkM Universitas Bakrie

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The activity of community service aims to improve the quality of the Yayasan's financial statements using a digital technology based on the Interpretation of Financial Accounting Standards (ISAK) 35 at the Yayasan Masjid Jami’ Al-Mujahidin Mosque Bintara, Bekasi Barat. The problem faced by the management of the Yayasan is the limited literacy related to the Yayasan's financial accounting standards and digital-based financial applications. Currently, the management has not implemented financial reporting based on ISAK 35. The management already has financial statements made manually. The method of these activities are training and socialization of digital-based financial report applications based on ISAK 35. Before and after the training, the pre-test and post-test were carried out related to training activities. The results of the activity shown that the training provided positive impacts that additional insights and understanding of the management related to financial reporting based on ISAK 35. In addition, the training provides digital literacy insights and makes it easier for the management to make financial reports. The trainees were satisfied with this community service activity. The target of this activity is that the Yayasan's management is able to apply digital-based financial statements based on ISAK 35 at the Yayasan Masjid Jami Al-Mujahidin.
Pengembangan Usaha UMKM Kemplang Panggang UMMI Melalui Implementasi Komunikasi Pemasaran Helmita Helmita; Desy Misnawati; Christofora Desi Kusmindari
Indonesian Journal for Social Responsibility Vol. 5 No. 01 (2023): June 2023
Publisher : LPkM Universitas Bakrie

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This community service aims to develop Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Kemplang Panggang UMMI development through marketing communication in Bandar Lampung so that MSME products can be more widely known in the market through digital marketing communication using social media accounts. Based on the results of the interviews, it shows that these MSMEs have not implemented marketing communications using technology. This condition causes MSME products not yet known to a wide audience because they are still limited in marketing their products. The implementation methods carried out are training such as lectures, tutorials, questions and answers, also monitoring and evaluation. After counseling and mentoring, MSME actors understand how to develop MSMEs through the implementation of marketing communications through social media accounts that are loved by the community so that they are expected to expand the marketing of MSME products and further develop these MSMEs.

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