Rifa'i, Mohamad Iqbal
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Expert System for Simulation of Pest and Disease Diagnosis in Onion Plant Using Putty Shafer Method and Rule-Based Approach Dianingrum, Melia; Hermanto, Nandang; Rifa'i, Mohamad Iqbal
International Journal of Informatics and Information Systems Vol 2, No 1: March 2019
Publisher : Bright Publisher

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The expert system is trying to adopt a system of human knowledge into a computer so that the computer can solve problems like the experts. The expert system is well designed in order to solve a particular problem by mimicking the work of the expert. The development of an expert system is expected to be resolved problems with the help of experts. The problems addressed by an expert not only the problems that rely on algorithms but sometimes elusive problems. An expert with knowledge and experience can overcome these problems. The application of an expert system in this study is made to diagnose pests and diseases in onion plants based on the web. The Data Collection method used is literature studies, interviews and observation. The stages of research used are literature review, data processing analyst, and Onion analyzed and photographed which then is uploaded and analyzed, Dempster Shafer method, application development, evaluation. In the last stage is the pilot study conducted using a Blackbox method and testing to the user. The result of the research is in the form of an expert system application that can diagnose pests and diseases of onion as many as 7 types of diseases. The output system is in the form of onion disease searching result obtained based on the symptoms inputted by the user. The result of Blackbox Testing is all functions of the application successfully run well. Testing to the users rated well both appearance and information of the application.