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New Journal Suggestion Form

If you have a suggestion for a journal to be indexed in our database, please fill in the New Journal Suggestion Form, below, as completely as possible.

To facilitate the evaluation process please note:

  1. We recommend that only editors of publisher use this form. If you are not an editor or a publisher and would like to suggest a journal, please contact editor-in-chief or editor of the journal.
  2. Please provide unrestricted access online to a minimum of two current issues, consecutive issues of your suggested journal, and be sure to provide the URL. The content will only be used for evaluation purposes.

To be considered for review, journals should meet the following main eligibility criteria:

  1. The journal should consist of peer-reviewed content
  2. The journal should be published on a regular basis (have a ISSN number that has been registered with the International ISSN Centre)
  3. At least two issues a year must have been published before you suggest the journal.

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