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Naive Bayes Algorithm Using Selection of Correlation Based Featured Selections Features for Chronic Diagnosis Disease Santiko, Irfan; Honggo, Ikhsan
International Journal of Informatics and Information Systems Vol 2, No 2: September 2019
Publisher : Bright Publisher

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Chronic kidney disease is a disease that can cause death, because the pathophysiological etiology resulting in a progressive decline in renal function, and ends in kidney failure. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) has now become a serious problem in the world. Kidney and urinary tract diseases have caused the death of 850,000 people each year. This suggests that the disease was ranked the 12th highest mortality rate. Some studies in the field of health including one with chronic kidney disease have been carried out to detect the disease early, In this study, testing the Naive Bayes algorithm to detect the disease on patients who tested positive for negative CKD and CKD. From the results of the test algorithm accuracy value will be compared against the results of the algorithm accuracy before use and after feature selection using feature selection Featured Correlation Based Selection (CFS), it is known that Naive Bayes algorithm after feature selection that is 93.58%, while the naive Bayes without feature selection the result is 93.54% accuracy. Seeing the value of a second accuracy testing Naive Bayes algorithm without using the feature selection and feature selection, testing both these algorithms including the classification is very good, because the accuracy value above 0.90 to 1.00. Included in the excellent classification. higher accuracy results.