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The Contribution of Sexual Identity Towards the Students’ Perception of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Wiwi Delfita; Neviyarni S.; Riska Ahmad
Journal of Educational and Learning Studies Vol 2, No 2 (2019): Journal of Educational and Learning Studies
Publisher : RedWhite Press

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Some students perceive lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) positively, even though LGBT is a sexual deviation that is not appropriate with values and norms. There are several factors that influence an individual's perception of LGBT, including sexual identity. This study aims at looking at the contribution of sexual identity to student perceptions about LGBT. This research used a quantitative approach with a descriptive method and a simple linear regression analysis. The sample of this research was 385 taken from 15.752 undergraduate students of Universitas Negeri Padang which the sample was drawn by using the Slovin formula and continued with a Proportional Random Sampling technique. The instrument used was the Guttman model's sexual identity scale and the scale of students' perceptions of the LGBT Likert model. After analyzing the data with the descriptive technique and the simple linear regression analysis, the results showed that sexual identity significantly contributed to the students' perceptions of LGBT. This research has implications as a basis for counselors to help students avoid sexual identity mismatches and prevent the emergence of positive perceptions of LGBT.
The Effectiveness of Group Counseling with Role-Playing Techniques to Increase Student Empathy Nurhasanah Nurhasanah; Neviyarni S.; Z. Mawardi Effendi
International Journal of Applied Counseling and Social Sciences Vol 1, No 1 (2019): International Journal of Applied Counseling and Social Sciences
Publisher : Universitas Negeri Padang

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Empathy is an important ability that must be developed and developed in students representing youth, as human beings who experience a transition of empathy need students to be able to improve what other people think and think that might happen quarrels, fights, bullying, and other actions, the lives of students more calm and peaceful. Today there has been an erosion of empathy in students this is caused by dependence on gadgets, instrumental learning, competition, differences, depression, alcohol, and other. The purpose of this study is to increase students' empathy using group guidance with role playing techniques. This research is a quasi-experimental study using quantitative methods and the non-equivalent control group design. The subject of this study were students of class VIII MT S N 1 Payakumbuh. The research instrument used an empathy scale that met the requirements of the research instrument, then analyzed using the Faired sample t test and the independent sample t test. This research cannot be applied to everyone, it needs further development. The findings of this study indicate group guidance with effective play techniques to improve students. These findings will be discussed further.
The implementation of Basic counseling Technique in Elementary School for Helping the development and Alleviating Student's Problems in West Pasaman District Education office Netrawati Netrawati; Yeni Karneli; Neviyarni S.
Islamic Counseling : Jurnal Bimbingan dan Konseling Islam Vol 2, No 2 (2018)
Publisher : Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Curup

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Children' Development and Characteristic in elementary school-age are different. Each child is different, Low class students between high class students are different. The students come to school in order to be able to follow the education well. But It will not last forever. The problems that they face come from inability in doing assignment,wish, competition among friends, less motivations to study, less supports from parents and others. Deviant behavior also comes from many forms such as, bothering friend, breaking school's facilities, hard in focusing the attention, often musing, and playing-truant. The puroses of this dedication are : 1) class teachers and subject teachers can make a profgram of leadership and Counseling which is integrated into the lesson with tematic approach. 2) Giving Individual Counseling service to help the development and problems of students in Elementary School. The target of this dedication is subject teachers and class teachers of Elementary school in West Pasaman Regency. The method that is used in this research is Descriptive Quantitative, which describes the real condition. Elementary school teachers have had Basis Counseling skill to help students who have problems at school. 30% of elementary school teachers have had basis counseling skill to help students' problems at school, and there are still some elementary school teachers who have low Counseling skill.
Efektivitas layanan informasi dengan menggunakan metode blended learning untuk meningkatkan motivasi belajar Emria Fitri; Ifdil Ifdil; Neviyarni S.
Jurnal Psikologi Pendidikan dan Konseling: Jurnal Kajian Psikologi Pendidikan dan Bimbingan Konseling Volume 2 Number 2 December 2016
Publisher : Program Studi bimbingan Konseling PPs UNM Makassar

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This study aimed to identify the effectiveness of  layanan informasi using blended learning methods to improve students' motivation. The study used a quasi-experimental design types of non equivalent control group. Sampling using purposive sampling with sample 22 in the experimental group and 23 control group. The instrument uses Pengukuran Motivasi Belajar Scale (SPMB). The study findings revealed that 1) the level of student motivation experimental group in the pretest middle category while, at posttest at the high category, 2) the level of student motivation control group at pretest and posttest same which are in the moderate category, 3) there is a difference significant student motivation experimental group before and after treatment of information services using blended learning methods, 4) there is a significant difference in students' motivation experimental group treated with the information service blended learning method with the control group. Based on these results it can be concluded that the service information using blended learning methods effectively improve students' motivation.
Jurnal Riset Psikologi Vol 2018, No 4 (2018): Periode Wisuda Desember 2018
Publisher : Universitas Negeri Padang

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Abstract:Relationship support and adjustment social teenagers parents divorced in Bukittinggi. This study aims to determine the relationship betweensocial support with social adjustment of adolescents whose parents divorced in Bukittingi city. This research is quantitative correlational type. Subjects of this study amounted to 48 teenagers whose parents divorced in the city of Bukittinggi with age range 12-18 years. Sampling method using purposive sampling. Data collection uses social support scale and social adjusment scale. Data analysis using product moment. The results showed that there was significant positive correlation between social support and social with rxy 0.475 and p = 0.001 (p <0.01), which means that if social support is high then high social adjusment and vice versa if social support is low then low social adjusment.Keywords:Sosial support, sosial adjusment, teenager with parents divorcedAbstrak: Hubungan dukungan sosial dengan penyesuaian sosial remaja yang orangtuanya bercerai di Bukittinggi. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui hubungan antara dukungan sosial dengan penyesuaian sosial remaja yang orangtuanya bercerai di Kota Bukittingi. Penelitian ini berjenis kuantitatif korelasional. Subjek penelitian ini berjumlah 48 orang remaja yang orangtuanya bercerai di Kota Bukittinggi dengan rentang usia 12-18 tahun. Metode pengambilan sampel menggunakan purposive sampling. Pengumpulan data menggunakan skala dukungan sosial dan skala penyesuaian sosial. Analisis data menggunakan Product Moment. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan terdapat hubungan positif yang signifikan antara dukungan sosial dengan penyesuaian sosial dengan rxy 0,475 dan p=0,001 (p<0,01), yang berarti jika dukungan sosial tinggi maka penyesuaian sosial tinggi dan sebaliknya jika dukungan sosial rendah maka penyesuaian sosial rendah.Kata kunci : Dukungan sosial, penyesuaian sosial, remaja yang orangtuanya bercerai. 
Jurnal Riset Psikologi Vol 2018, No 4 (2018): Periode Wisuda Desember 2018
Publisher : Universitas Negeri Padang

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Abstract: Contribution of Prosocial Behavior Intentions to Employee Performance of BPBD Padang. This research started from the phenimenon about individuals who are more concerned with the safety of other individuals. The purpose of this research to know the contribution of prosocial behavior intentions to the performance of Padang BPBD employees. The design in this research used descriptive quantitative. The research population was the the field of Emergency and Logistics BPBD employees. The sampling technique used was purposive sampling because the researcher determined some characteristics on the subject much as 46 employees. Data was collected by use scale of variable prosocial behaviour intentions and performance. Data were processed by usingsimple regression analysis statistical techniques. The results of the research there is no contribution of prosocial behavior intention to the performance of Padang BPBD employees with a significance value of <0,05. The advantage of this research to be reading material, to know and pay attention of factors factors affect their performance.Keyword: Intentions, prosocial behavior, employee performanceAbstrak: Kontribusi intensi perilaku prososial terhadap kinerja Pegawai BPBD Kota Padang.Artikel ini dilatarbelakangi oleh kesediaan individu yang lebih mementingkan keselamatan individu lainnya dengan tujuan untuk memaparkan hasil penelitian tentang kontribusi dari intensi perilaku prososial terhadap kinerja pegawai BPBD Kota Padang. Desain yang digunakan dalam penelitian adalah kuantitatif deskriptif. Populasi penelitiannya adalah Pegawai BPBD Kota Padang khususnya pada bidang Kedaruratan dan Logistik. Teknik pengambilan sampel yang digunakan yaitu purposive sampling karena peneliti menetapkan beberapa karakteristik. Jumlah subjek yang sesuai yang karakteristik sebanyak 46 orang. Pengumpulan data yang digunakan pada penelitian ini menggunakan skala masing-masing variabel. Data yang telah dikumpulkan diolah dengan teknik statistik analisis regresi sederhana. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian diperoleh bukti bahwa tidak terdapat kontribusi intensi perilaku prososial terhadap kinerja pegawai BPBD Kota Padang dengan nilai signifikansi <0,05. Oleh karena itu, manfaat dari penelitian ini untuk menjadi bahan bacaan dan masukan bagi instansi yang terkait dengan kebencanaan agar dapat memperhatikan faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi kinerjanya.Kata Kunci: Intensi, perilaku prososial, kinerja.