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Dody Candra Kumara, Dody Candra
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Pengaruh Penggunaan Katalis (Zeolit) Terhadap Kinetic Rate Tar Hasil Pirolisis Serbuk Kayu Mahoni (Switenia Macrophylla) Kumara, Dody Candra; Wijayanti, Widya; Widhiyanuriyawan, Denny
Jurnal Rekayasa Mesin Vol 6, No 1 (2015)
Publisher : Jurusan Teknik Mesin, Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Brawijaya

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This research was conducted to find out the influence of the use of a catalyst (zeolite) against kinetic rate results of tar pyrolysis of sawdust mahogany. research process undertaken experimentally with temperature 523K and 873K on the heating rate 673 K/hour. pyrolysis is done for 3 hours with wood powder particle size 0,5 – 1 mm. before use activated zeolite in advance by means of heated at a temperature of 400 °c for 1 hour. the results showed the value of kinetic rate tar with zeolites greater than without zeolites , where the value of the kinetic rate equation obtained i.e. 𝑘 = 185,49. 𝑒 −2779/𝑇 (heating rate 673 K/hour without zeolite) and 𝑘 = 93,037. 𝑒 (heating rate 673 K/hour with zeolite). The results of the validation shows the value addition in the calculation of the volume is already approaching the actual value.