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Budgeting in App: Sebuah aplikasi pengembangan media ajar berbasis desktop pada mata kuliah penganggaran Yohan Bakhtiar; Abidatul Izzah; Dion Yanuarmawan
Jurnal Inovasi Teknologi Pendidikan Vol 9, No 2 (2022): Agustus
Publisher : Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

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Metode pembelajaran daring yang diterapkan menimbulkan kesulitan bagi mahasiswa program studi Akuntansi dalam memahami materi yang memuat teori perhitungan seperti Penganggaran.  Oleh karena itu, pada penelitian ini telah dibangun sebuah aplikasi bernama Budgeting in App yang membantu memahami materi dan latihan soal Penganggaran. Tahapan penelitian ini antara lain analisis permasalahan, analisis kebutuhan, perancangan, pembuatan aplikasi, dan pengujian aplikasi. Aplikasi ini memuat tujuh topik materi yakni anggaran jualan, anggaran bahan baku, anggaran beban usaha, sediaan, anggaran piutang, menu perhitungan anggaran kas, dan anggaran utang dan modal. Serangkaian pengujian telah dilakukan untuk mengevaluasi kehandalan aplikasi yang terdiri dari tiga skenario antara lain pengujian sistem secara fungsional, alur aplikasi, dan dampak penggunaan aplikasi dalam proses belajar mengajar. Berdasarkan pengujian tersebut dapat diambil kesimpulan bahwa semua fitur aplikasi aplikasi telah berjalan dan telah sesuai dengan algoritma konsep penganggaran, serta 75% mahasiswa sangat setuju bahwa aplikasi ini telah dikembangkan dengan baik. The online learning method applied makes it difficult for Accounting students to understand material that contains calculation theory such as Budgeting. Therefore, in this study, an application called Budgeting in App has been built which helps improve understanding of budgeting materials and exercises. The stages of this research include problem analysis, needs analysis, design, application development, and application testing. This application contains seven material topics namely sales budget, raw material budget, operating expense budget, inventory, accounts receivable budget, cash budget calculation menu, and debt and capital budget. Tests have been carried out to evaluate the reliability of the application which consists of three scenarios including functional system testing, application flow, and the impact of using applications in the teaching and learning process. The results show that all application features of the application have been running well and are in accordance with the concept of budgeting algorithms, and 75% of students strongly agree that this application has been developed well.
Pengembangan Aplikasi Mobile untuk Penyelesaian Vehicle Routing Problem Benni Agung Nugroho; Abidatul Izzah; Kunti Eliyen
Jurnal RESTI (Rekayasa Sistem dan Teknologi Informasi) Vol 7 No 1 (2023): February 2023
Publisher : Ikatan Ahli Informatika Indonesia (IAII)

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The vehicle routing problem (VRP) is a combinatorial optimization problem faced by transportation services related to pick up or delivery, such as industrial raw materials distribution, tour and travel, or travel routing problems in general. VRP is an NP-hard problem where the higher the dimensions of the problem will have a higher computational complexity. Without realizing it, VRP problem are often encountered every day. Therefore, it will be very useful if VRP solver is implemented in mobile application media. So, the aim of this work is developing a mobile application to get the shortest path and minimal cost in VRP problem. It is integrated by both Mapbox API and Google Maps API to get a real distance for modeling problem. The result show that the developed application can run well in all possibility condition.
Optimalisasi Website Lembaga Belajar PIEP Menggunakan Adsense dan Konten untuk Menarik Minat Calon Siswa Abidatul Izzah; Yohan Bakhtiar; Agustono Heriadi; Kunti Eliyen; Ellya Nurfarida
Pelita Masyarakat Vol. 4 No. 2 (2023): Pelita Masyarakat, Maret
Publisher : Universitas Medan Area

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The Permana International English Program (PIEP) is one of the learning institutions in the city of Pare, Kediri which was just established in 2021. The pandemic condition due to the Covid19 virus has hampered the institution's promotional activities. The existence of a website  and social media can be used as a means of marketing. Managing the content of a website  can give customers trust, make the agency look more professional, and can attract new customers. This community service activity aims to provide website  management training and help produce more interesting website  content. The stages carried out in this community service activity are conducting discussions with partners, helping to prepare interesting website  content, and conducting content management training for PIEP as partners. The results of service activities are in the form of developing a website  for PIEP that can be accessed from anywhere and has interesting content. The website  that has been developed has been tested and can run well. It also been advertised using the Google Ads service. Website  Traffic  visitor shows an increase in visits during one month of installation on Google Ads.
Development of Web-Based Advertisement Media on Sahrul Home Car Care Yohan Bakhtiar; Abidatul Izzah; Toga Aldila Cinderatama; Benni Agung Nugroho; Riswan Eko Wahyu Susanto
Journal of Applied Business and Technology Vol. 4 No. 3 (2023): Journal of Applied Business and Technology
Publisher : Institut Bisnis dan Teknologi Pelita Indonesia

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Amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, non-essential activities have shifted mainly to the safety of people's homes. This includes remote work (Work From Home) and shopping for basic needs online. However, service workers, particularly those in the service sector like Muhammad Sahrul, have faced significant challenges navigating the pandemic's impact. Sahrul, who owns an all-brand car repair shop, experienced a decline in customers visiting his workshop due to the outbreak. Recognizing the need for a fresh approach, Sahrul created "Sahrul Home Car Care," offering car repair services at customers' residences. To support this initiative, a team of researchers proposed technology-based solutions to improve his advertising strategy. The researchers developed a user-friendly digital portal,, showcasing Sahrul's services and implementing an appointment booking system. Additionally, they guided leveraging digital marketing channels to expand his outreach. Thanks to these digital innovations, Sahrul's business gained traction, attracting more customers and positive feedback. Embracing technology proved instrumental in overcoming the pandemic's challenges and ensuring the continued success of "Sahrul Home Car Care" in this ever-evolving digital era.