Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Vol 8, No 3: September 2019

Direct space vector modulation for matrix converter fed dual star induction machine and neuro-fuzzy speed controller

Meliani Bouziane (University Centre of Relizane)
Meroufel Abdelkader (DjillaliLiabès University of Sidi Bel-Abbès)

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01 Sep 2019


This paper presents the modeling, design, and simulation of an adaptive neuro fuzzy inference strategy (ANFIS) for controlling the speed of the Double Star induction Machine (DSIM), the machine is fed by three phase direct matrix converter which makes directly AC-AC power conversion is modeled using Direct Space Vector Modulation technique(DSVM)  for direct matrix converter. Double star Induction motor is characterized by highly non-linear, complex and time-varying dynamics and inaccessibility of some of the states and outputs for measurements. Hence it can be considered as a challenging engineering problem in the industrial sector. Various advanced control techniques has been devised by various researchers across the world. Some of them are based on the neuro-fuzzy techniques. The main advantage of designing the ANFIS coordination scheme is to control the speed of the DSIM to increase the dynamic performance, to provide good stabilization. To show the effectiveness of our scheme, the proposed method was simulated on an electrical system composed of a 4.5 kW six-phase induction machine and its power inverter. Digital simulation results demonstrate that the deigned ANFIS speed controller realize a good dynamic of the DSIM, a perfect speed tracking with no overshoot, give better performance and high robustness.

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