MAKARA Journal of Technology Series
Vol 8, No 1 (2004): April


Tresna Soemardi (Unknown)
Aida Mahmudah (Unknown)

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14 Oct 2010


Analysis of Kancil's Knuckle Prototype. The objective of this work is to execute strength analysis of knuckle, whichis made from FCD 50, by using static analysis on maximum loading. This maximum loading is obtained from front axleloading calculation on particular operating condition. That is, vehicle is braking while cornering in down hill. Fromprevious vehicle loading calculation, we get a number of loading values on different speed and deceleration. At the end,we get a value of speed and deceleration that guarantee the vehicle safety if it is braking while cornering in down hill.As comparison, loading calculation is executed too for same operating condition on level ground. This is because ofdifferent deceleration for each operating condition, 0,5g for operating condition on downhill and 0,2g on level ground.The result shows that maximum loading occurred when vehicle is operated on down hill is larger than on level ground.Study of static focused on quantitative description of loads that act on technical structure in equilibrium.Keywords: vehicle operating condition, maximum loading, working plane, free body diagram, moment and loadequilibrium principle.

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