Gema Agro
Vol 24 No 1 (2019)

Pemberian Pupuk Kompos dan Umur Pemotongan Titik Tumbuh Pada Pertumbuhan dan Hasil Tanaman Krisan (Chrysanthemum)

Delvianus Bili (Unknown)
I Gusti Made Arjana (Unknown)
Luh Kartini (Unknown)

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21 Apr 2020


This study aims to obtain doses of compost fertilizer and age of cutting point growing on the growth and yield of chrysanthemum plants. The experimental design used was a randomized block design with a factorial pattern consisting of 2 factors. The first factor is the dosage of compost fertilizer with 4 levels ie 0 ton ha-1, 5 ton ha-1, 10 ton ha-1, 15 ton ha-1. The second factor is the age of cutting point of growth with 3 levels ie 1 week after planting, 2 weeks after planting, 3 weeks after planting. This experiment was conducted in Pancasari Village Sukasada District Buleleng Regency with altitude of 1,247 m above sea level, this research took place from May 9 until August 10, 2017. The highest weight of secondary branching stalk, obtained at interaction dose of 15 tons ha-1 compost with age cutting growth point 1 week after planting that is 98,27 gram increase equal to 55,65% compared dose of compost 0 ton ha-1 with age cutting point growing 1 week after planting that is 43,58 g.

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