Jurnal Matematika
Vol 7 No 1 (2017)

Metrik Finsler Pseudo-Konveks Kuat pada Bundel Vektor Holomorfik

Haripamyu , (FMIPA Universitas Andalas)
Jenizon , (FMIPA Universitas Andalas)
I Made Arnawa (FMIPA Universitas Andalas)

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10 Jun 2017


Abstract: Rizza-negativity of holomorphic vector bundle is a sufficient condition for the negativity of . In the present paper, we shall discuss that as a special case, using the Rizza metric which is derived from a Hermitian metric also implies the negativity of . Further we showed that for the negative holomorphic vector bundle there is a pseudo-convex Finsler metric with negative curvature. Keywords: Hermitian metric, Rizza metric, Rizza-negativity.

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