Vol 1, No 1 (2001)

Analisis Eksplorasi Data Masa Rawat Kelahiran Bayi Menggunakan Pendekatan Pohon Regresi (An Exploratory Analysis of Birth Nursing Home Data Using Regression Tree Approach)

Abdul Kudus (Unknown)
Aunuddin Aunuddin (Unknown)
Aji Hamim Wigena (Unknown)
Bunawan Sunarlim (Unknown)

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03 May 2014


The main objective of this study is to explore birth nursing home data using treestructuredregression. A nonparametrica pproacho f tree-structuredr egressionmethod is implementedin to this data. This approachi s slightly differentf i'omwidely used CART methodologyo f Breiman et al. (19E4,C lassificationa ndRegressioTn rees,C hapmana nd Hall, New York). Thed ffirencesb etweenth emare thosei n splilting rules and pruning strategy.C onventionasl plitting rules arereplacedh y rules basedo n log-rank statisticsfo r two sarnplcd ata. Whereasn ewpruning strategiesa re also devised.F inal resulto f thiss tudyi s to developg roupsaf babiesb asedo n covariates. This studyr evealst hat birth wcighl existenceo fphysiologicaml alfunctiond uring nursingh omea nd levelo f cducationo f molherdetermineg roups development,

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