Indonesian Journal of Statistics and Its Applications
Vol 4 No 4 (2020)


Beny Trianjaya (Badan Pusat Statistik, Indonesia)
Anang Kurnia (Department of Statistics, IPB University, Indonesia)
Agus M Soleh (Department of Statistics, IPB University, Indonesia)

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24 Dec 2020


Employment data is one of the important indicators related to the development progress of a country. Labor conditions in the territory of Indonesia can only be compared between times through the Survei Angkatan Kerja Nasional (Sakernas) data. Data generated from Sakernas and published by BPS is the number of employed and unemployed. The obstacle in estimating the semester unemployment rate at the regency/municipality level is the lack of a number of examples. One of the indirect estimates currently developing is small area estimation (SAE). This study developed the generalized linear mixed model (GLMM) by adding cluster information and examines the development of modifications with several model scenarios. The purpose of this study was to develop a prediction model for basic GLMM on a small area approach by adding cluster information as a fixed effect or random effect. The simulation results show that Model-2, a model that adds a fixed effect k-cluster and also adds a mean from the estimated effect of random areas in the sample area, is the best model with the smallest relative bias (RB) and Relative root mean squares error (RRMSE). This model is better than the basic GLMM model (Model-0) and Model-1 (a model which only adds a mean from the estimated random effect area in the sample area). Model-2 is applied to estimate the proportion of unemployed sub-district level in Southeast Sulawesi Province. Estimating the proportion of unemployed with calibration Model-2 produced an estimated aggregation of the unemployment proportion of Southeast Sulawesi Province at 0.0272. These results are similar to BPS (0.0272). Thus, the results of the estimated proportion of unemployment at the sub-district level with a calibration Model-2 can be said to be feasible to use.

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