Jurnal RESTI (Rekayasa Sistem dan Teknologi Informasi)
Vol 5 No 3 (2021): Juni 2021

Sistem Pemantau Kondisi Lingkungan Pertanian Tanaman Pangan dengan NodeMCU ESP8266 dan Raspberry Pi Berbasis IoT

Agus Ambarwari (Politeknik Negeri Lampung)
Dewi Kania Widyawati (Politeknik Negeri Lampung)
Anung Wahyudi (Politeknik Negeri Lampung)

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19 Jun 2021


The increasing need for food is not in line with the clearing of agricultural land for food crops. So that the effort to increase the productivity of agricultural products is by applying precision agriculture. However, in reality, precision agriculture is difficult to apply to conventional processes, where farmers come to the farm, collect data, then carry out maintenance. This method will make production results not optimal because maintenance is not done accurately. This study introduces a monitoring system for environmental conditions based on the Internet of Things (IoT) for agricultural land, where trials are carried out in a greenhouse. The system that has been developed consists of several sensors designed to collect information related to agricultural environmental conditions, including DHT22 sensor (temperature and humidity), DS18B20 sensor (soil temperature), soil moisture sensor (moisture content in the soil), and BH1750 sensor (light intensity). Based on the Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol, the data is sent to a gateway (Raspberry Pi) and a local server via a wireless network to be stored in a database. By using the Node-RED Dashboard, the received sensor data is then displayed on the browser every time the sensor sends data. In addition, the local server also publishes sensor data to the public MQTT broker so that sensor data can be accessed through the MQTT Dashboard application on a smartphone. The results of testing for 25 days of the system running obtained an average success of the system in storing data of 99.64%.

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