Khazanah Informatika: Jurnal Ilmu Komputer dan Informatika
Vol. 7 No. 2 October 2021

Load Balancing Server and Homomorphic Encryption in Internet of Things

Muhammad Hafiz Amrullah (Unknown)
Favian Dewanta (Telkom University)
Sussi Sussi (Telkom University)

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09 Jul 2021


User demand for Internet of Things (IoT) services is ever increasing. The growing user demand can lead to an escalation of server workloads and faces the threat of theft of critical data. Consequently, a system is necessary to balance the server load and is protected with data encryption. In this study, we designed a system to share server workloads using load balancing methods. The load balancing technique uses open-source web server software. The system is equipped with data security using a homomorphic encryption algorithm from AES on the sender's side. The system embeds in an IoT telemedicine apparatus. During testing, we analyze the error requests that arrive at each server for the HTTP GET and POST methods. We also evaluate the speed of data encryption and decryption. The results showed that server load balancing reduces the number of error requests for the GET method by 97%. Meanwhile, the number of error requests for the POST method decreases by 66.75%. Observations reveal that the average homomorphic encryption speed, computation time, and decryption time are 15.66 ms, 764.18 µs, and 362.49 µs, respectively.

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