Dunia Keperawatan : Jurnal Keperawatan dan Kesehatan
Vol 9, No 2 (2021): July 2021

Factors Related to Behavior in Implementing Patient Safety in Nurses

Eva Supriatin (STIKep PPNI Jawa Barat)
Linlin Lindayani (STIKep PPNI Jawa Barat)

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29 Jul 2021


Patient safety is an important component in care and measures to improve the quality of service quality. The strategy of implementing patient safety has been carried out with various efforts in the hospital environment. The highest number of patient safety data by province in Banten is 125 reports, and Jakarta is 105 reports. This study aimed to determine factor-factors related to the behavior of the application of patient safetyto the nursein the Emergency Room Installation of RSUD dr. Dradjat Prawiranegara in 2018.The study design was cross sectional in which the samples were taken by total sampling method. The study population was nurses in the emergency room of RSUD dr. Dradjat Prawiranegara Serang numbered 37 people. Data collection using a questionnaire. Univariate research results showed that of 37 respondents 30 respondents (81.1%) had a good level of knowledge, 21 respondents (56.8%) had positive attitudes, 30 respondents (81.1%) had years of service≥5 years, and 20 respondents (54.1%) have good behavior. Bivariate analysis results show that there is a significant relationship between knowledge(P value = 0.002), attitude (P value = 0.003) and work period ≥5 years (P value = 0.027) with the application of patient safety behavior to nurses. Researchers expect that the hospital able to refresh the application of patient safety to all nurses on a regular basis every six months.

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