Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Vol 21, No 3: March 2021

A hybrid de-noising method for mammogram images

Rashid Mehmood Gondal (The University of Lahore)
Saima Anwar Lashari (Saudi Electronic University)
Murtaja Ali Saare (Universiti Utara Malaysia)
Sari Ali Sari (Universiti Tun Hussein)

Article Info

Publish Date
01 Mar 2021


In general, mammogram images contaminated with noise which directly affect images quality. Several methods have been proposed to de-noise these images, however, there is always a risk of losing valuable information. In order to overcome the loss of information, the present study proposed a hybrid denoising method for mammogram images. The proposed hybrid method works in two steps: Firstly, preprocessing with mathematical morphology was applied for image enhancement. Secondly, global unsymmetrical trimmed median filter (GUTM) is applied to de-noise image. Experimental results prove that proposed method work well for mammogram images. Hence, the study provided an alternative method for denoising mammogram images.

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