Vol 10, No 1 (2013): Jurnal Edukasia

RADIKALISME, MODERATISME, DAN LIBERALISME PESANTREN Melacak Pemikiran dan Gerakan Keagamaan Pesantren di Era Globalisasi

Farida, Umma (Unknown)

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26 May 2014


Globalization necessitates a process of mutual influence that makesa civilization, culture, and religion contaminated with other elements. Thisraised havoc for other ideologies and cultures that are not suitable with thesocial cultural characteristics, including taken place by Islamic institutionssuch as schools.Pesantren responds with globalization facts in different paradigm:conservative, moderate, and liberal. This also makes differences of thought andreligious movements of each pesantren (boarding school). Boarding school isno longer a distinctive character for the traditional group that has the largestnetwork of boarding schools in Indonesia. Now, schools are owned by anyreligious beliefs (Islam) in Indonesia, both radical fundamentalist, moderate,and even liberal-leaning. Keywords: Radicalism, Moderates, Liberalism, Pesantren, Globalization

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