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Vol 1, No 1 (2013): Jurnal Elementary


*, Sulthon (Unknown)

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06 Jun 2014


The purpose of this study were: 1) To determine the pattern of deaf religiosity; 2) To determine the relationship between religiosity patterns and the psychological impact of deafness; 3) To determine the pattern of deaf religiosity towards the disable self-acceptance. This study was expected to find anatomical problems and the factors causing positive self-acceptance to the impacts of disability through a religious approach. Implicitly , this study provided input and awareness for the deaf, while explicitly contributed to parents, teachers, and community in order to treat them properly and humanely. This qualitative study used a phenomenological approach to ethnography type. Moreover, it was applied criterion and snowball sampling. The data collection was managed by observation, interviews and documentation. The data analysis drew on analytic descriptive analysis of the planned steps. The results showed that the pattern of deaf religiosity was influenced by various aspects and religious dimensions, they are as follows; belief dimensions, worship (religious rituals), character, appreciation, and religious knowledge. The deaf religiosity is varied depending on how much knowledge and religious understanding and appreciation, also their own attitudes towards disability. Generally, there are deafs who have strong faith/religiosity because of having deep religious knowledge and understanding, good religiosity because of simply miming without deep religious knowledge and understanding, medium/ordinary religiosity, and very less one (abangan). The pattern of deaf religiosity have a very significant influence on the psychological and social development. The deep religious deaf is supported by the deep religious knowledge and understanding so that it will produce an impact of soft psychological development. Conversely, the lesser religious deaf will greatly make a major impact on the psychological and social development. The deaf’s religious pattern will affect the psychological and social development and the disable suffered self-acceptance. Key words: deaf religiosity , influenced factors

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