Algoritme Jurnal Mahasiswa Teknik Informatika
Vol 1 No 1 (2020): Jurnal Algoritme

Implementation of Convolutional Neural Network Method Using LeNet-5 Architecture for Doodle Recognition

Muhammad Rafly Alwanda (STMIK Global Informatika MDP)
Raden Putra Kurniawan Ramadhan (STMIK Global Informatika MDP)
Derry Alamsyah (STMIK GI MDP)

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10 Oct 2020


Recognition of objects to date has been widely applied in various fields, for example in handwritten recognition. This research utilizes the ability of CNN to use LeNet-5 architecture for the introduction of doodle types with 5 object images, namely clothes, pants, chairs, butterflies and bicycles. Each doodle object consists of 30 images with a total dataset of 150 images. The test results show that the first, second and fourth scenarios of bicycle objects are more recognized with an accuracy value of 93% - 98%, recall 86% - 93% and precision 81% - 93%, clothes objects are more recognized in the third scenario with an accuracy value of 94%, 86% recall, and 83% precision.

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