Ius Positum (Journal of Law Theory and Law Enforcement)
Vol. 1 Issue. 3 (2022)

Corporate/Seller Accountability in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Corporate Investments

Ella Evrita (Faculty of Law, Universitas Islam As-Syafi'iyah)
Eny Maryana (As-Syafi'iyah Islam University)
Efridani Lubis (As-Syafi'iyah Islam University)

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05 Jul 2022


The utilization of Information Technology, media, and communication has changed both the behaviour of society and human civilization globally. And the role of the law is to regulate social life. At the same time, the digital world provides unlimited space and time for its users. One of the digital developments is related to cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is guarded by a cryptographic security system. Crypto money can generally be used to buy various kinds of digital goods. The prices and characteristics of cryptocurrencies vary widely, depending on the type. What is a cryptocurrency, and what are the risks of owning this type of money in Indonesia? One of the uses of owning a cryptocurrency is for investment. Currently, the development of cryptocurrencies in Indonesia is swift. Generally, people from the upper-middle class already know about the term. The same thing happened in the international market. The question now is, what about the regulatory side, is cryptocurrency legal to use in Indonesia? With the background of the increasingly rapid development of this cryptocurrency in the community, both in terms of growth and the obstacles and constraints found, the authors conducted a study with the theme "Corporate responsibility for digital business crimes? Where is the background that the regulations that cover it are not clear (the ITE Law has not yet been formed to answer the above problems)?, and it is technically challenging to identify the role of each party in the current digital business in Indonesia and the existence of a knowledge gap between consumers and producers. This type of research is descriptive research. The approach method used is normative juridical, meaning that in discussing existing problems, researchers will look at the provisions of the legislation.

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Law, Crime, Criminology & Criminal Justice


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