Journal orientasi bisnis dan entrepeneurship
Vol 3, No 2 (2022): DESEMBER 2022

“Polarization” of Consumer Behavior: S-O-R Theory Perspective

Ansri Jayanti (STIE Makassar Maju)
Tasrim Tasrim (STIE Makassar Maju)

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19 Jan 2023


S-O-R theory provides information that atmospheric cues (stimulus) affect the cognitive and emotional states of buyers (organisms), which then affect the outcome of their shopping behavior (response). Perceived value (organism) based on how much the customer wants or needs it. This article is the result of ideas constructed from various articles and then compiled to determine “polarization” of consumer behavior with the S-O-R theory perspective. The results show that the stimulus is a consumer external factor that drives the organism. Organisms as mediators of stimuli with responses such as cognitive traits (memory, knowledge structure, images, beliefs, and thoughts), emotions (satisfaction, worry and trust), consumer attitudes, hedonic motivation, risk or benefit, consumer expectations, personality, shopping experience 

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