Jurnal RESTI (Rekayasa Sistem dan Teknologi Informasi)
Vol 6 No 6 (2022): Desember 2022

Mamdani Fuzzy Expert System for Online Learning to Diagnose Infectious Diseases

Istiadi Istiadi (Universitas Widyagama Malang)
Emma Budi Sulistiarini (Universitas Widyagama Malang)
Rudy Joegijantoro (STIKES Widyagama Husada)
Anik Vega Vitianingsih (Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka)
Affi Nizar Suksmawati (Universitas Gadjah Mada)

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29 Dec 2022


E-learning and expert systems can be implemented for learning in the health sector. Through the e-learning system, prospective health workers can analyze problems by exploring the material in the system. However, material learning alone is less effective, so case study-based learning using an expert system is needed to strengthen understanding. The research applies an expert system to online learning to diagnose several infectious diseases. The disease diagnosis process uses the backward chaining method and the Mamdani fuzzy inference system. The fuzzy Mamdani inference system determines the intensity of disease severity so that appropriate treatment recommendations can be made. The test findings on 15 test datasets yielded a backward chaining accuracy value of 100%. Three test scenarios were used to establish the test using the Mamdani fuzzy inference method. Scenario 1: Testing with the Center of Gravity defuzzification and Fuzzy Mamdani Min inference system Tests employing the Fuzzy Mamdani Min inference method and center average defuzzification are used in Scenario 2. Scenario 3 involves testing using the Fuzzy Mamdani Product Inference System with Center Average Defuzzification. The average outcome for the intensity of disease severity utilizing the Fuzzy Mamdani Min inference system with Center of Gravity defuzzification was greater than that of the two test scenarios that were suggested, which was 49.43%.

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