Communautaire: Journal of Community Service
Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022)

Pelatihan Implementasi Kurikulum Merdeka pada Guru di Lembaga Paud Se-Kecamatan Madiun

Rosyida Nurul Anwar (Universitas Nurul Jadid)

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20 Jun 2022


The curriculum is essential in fulfilling an education'sdirection and goals. The curriculum is a school system toobtain the expected results in situations inside and outsidethe school. The Independent Curriculum is an additionaloption for learning recovery during 2022-2024. In efforts torun the Independent Curriculum to the fullest, the teacheroccupies an essential and central role in making thecurriculum run well. This community service activity aims toprovide an understanding of the readiness of teachers toimplement the Independent Curriculum in their educationunits. The method is through lectures and discussionsbetween participants in the Education unit. A questionnaireusing a Likert scale is a method of evaluating this activity. 42members of the IGTKI Madiun District attended thiscommunity service activity. The result of this service is thatthere is an understanding of participants in implementingthe independent curriculum, and participants feel thebenefits of this training activity.

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