International Journal of Law Reconstruction
Vol 7, No 2 (2023): International Journal of Law Reconstruction

The Ideal Arrangement of Legal Protection for Informal Sector Workers in the Perspective of the Principles of Legal Certainty, Justice and Expediency

Wandi Wandi (UNiversitas Islam Indragiri)

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25 Aug 2023


This research discusses the ideal arrangement of legal protection for informal sector workers in the perspective of the principles of legal certainty, justice, and expediency. This research method is normative juridical with a socio-normative approach. While data analysis is deductive. From the results of the research, it is found that labour arrangements as a form of legal protection for Informal Sector Workers need to apply the principle of proportionality, which is a principle that requires material balance and accuracy with an emphasis on the balance between the burden caused (the means used) and the interests supported (objectives), because informal sector workers carry out work relations on the basis of trust and individual business tendencies, the regulation of labour control needs to pay attention to the condition of the employer's ability to apply the work rules that have been determined, in addition to the need to reconstruct the notion of work relations and redefine work agreements in order to provide legal protection to informal sector workers. The current regulatory policy in the field of employment still exists and is structured based on the joints of colonial legal products that place workers as objects or objects that become one of the production factors in the business sector.

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