Jurnal Rekayasa Konstruksi Mekanika Sipil
Vol 1 No 1 (2018): Volume 1 Nomor 1 Tahun 2018

Pengaruh Lubang Pada Kolom Akibat Gaya Aksial Tekan

Samsuardi Batubara (Fak Teknik, Universitas Katolik Santo Thomas)
Danastasia Manik (Fak Teknik, Universitas Katolik Santo Thomas)

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08 May 2018


This research aims to investigate the effect of hole in reinforced concrete on column capacity, particularly in carrying axial forces. Tests were performed by applying axial forces on two types of sample: with-hole and without-hole. The ultimate load obtained from both type of samples was compared to determine the effect of the hole in the concrete specimen. Four samples were made, namely: no-hole in sample; hole sized 1” (2.25% of sample gross weight); sized 1¼” (3.52%); sized 1½” (5.067%). The dimension of the sample is 15x15cm, and 150cm height. These four samples are reinforced with 4D10 and shear reinforcement of ϕ6. Testing equipment used in this research is jack hydraulic with capacity of 200 tons. Based on theoretical calculation, capacity degradation caused by hole inside a column is not significant. However, our test results show that axial capacity of the colum is significantly affected by the given hole. Sample with 3.52% of sample gross weight suffered a 20.76% degradation, and sample with 5.067% of sample gross weight suffered a 33.27% degradation.

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Civil Engineering, Building, Construction & Architecture


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