AL-FANAR: JURNAL ILMU AL-QURAN DAN TAFSIR is peer-reviewed journal that aims to encourage and promote the study of the Quran and designed to facilitate and take the scientific work of researchers, lecturers, students, practitioner and so on into dialogue. The journal contents that discuss various matters relate to the Quranic Studies, the Quranic sciences, the Living Quran, Quranic Studies accros different areas in the world (The Middle East, The West, Archipelago and other areas), the Methodology of Quran and Quranic Exegesis. AL-FANAR: JURNAL ILMU AL-QURAN DAN TAFSIR is a journal that is administered by the Department of the Quranic Exegesis and Sciences, Faculty of Ushuluddin and Dakwa, Institute of Quranic Sciences (IIQ) Jakarta in collaboration with Asosiasi Ilmu al-Quran dan Tafsir (AIAT). AL-FANAR: JURNAL ILMU AL-QURAN DAN TAFSIR was first published by the Department of Quranic Exegesis of the Faculty of Usuluddin and Dakwa, Institut Ilmu Al-Quran (IIQ) Jakarta in Agustus 2018 and published twice within one year i.e. february and August.
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