Al Irfani Journal of Quranic and Tafsir (JQT)
The aims of journal Al Irfani was published by STAI Darul Kamal is one of the journals of Al Quran and Tafsir Science study program. This journal aims to publish articles from research results in the study area of the Quran and Tafsir and al Hadith. Published articles are used as references and references in solving various problems related to the disciplines of the Koran and Tafsir and hadith, both text, contextual, and implementation in everyday society. This journal is published twice a year. The scope of study includes themes on issues around classical interpretation, contemporary hermeneutics, living Quran dircursus, Al Quran manuscripts, gender Interpretation, relation of the Koran and Pop Culture, digital Al Quran and translate about Al Quran and about hadist.
Publication Per Year