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Journal of Islamic History
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Journal of Islamic History [ISSN 2807-2995]is a journal that contains articles on the results of the study of Islamic history; especially history as an event and history as a science. This journal is dedicated to improving the research and development of Islamic historiography both in terms of content and methodology. This journal publishes research on various fields of study such as social, political, economic, art, religion, language, science, and technology which are packaged in diachronic and synchronic thinking frameworks. FOCUS AND SCOPE Islamic Political History Islamic Intellectual History History of Islamic Culture History of Islamic Art History of Islamic Economics History of Islamic Law History of Islamic Education Islamic Historiography Theory and Methodology of Islamic History
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Kyai dan Politik : Peranan K.H. Mahfudz Ridwan dalam Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa 1998-2008: Ulema and Politics: The Role of K.H. Mahfudz Ridwan in the National Awakening Party 1998-2008 Muhammad Fairus Kadomi
Journal of Islamic History Vol. 2 No. 1 (2022): Journal of Islamic History
Publisher : Nur Science Institute

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The focus of the discussion in this research is about Kyai and Politics, the study of the role of K.H. Mahfudz Ridwan in the PKB. This article reveals how a kyai figure who has a role or contribution in a political party affiliated with an Islamic group. The method used in this research is the historical method. The dynamics of politics from the new order to the reformation era are historically important because the faucet of democracy will be opened, after which in the reform era several major parties emerged that characterize democracy in Indonesia. There are more and more Islamic political parties in the reform era and the contact of the kyai with politics is visible. K.H. Mahfudz Ridwan who is a kyai looks active in the social and political world. K.H. Mahfudz Ridwan is a figure who plays an active role in NU mass organizations, Islamic boarding schools, the world of social empowerment by being proven to have founded the Edi Mancoro Islamic Boarding School, Gedangan Forum, Desaku Maju Foundation and was involved in social politics during the Old Order until the reform era. The role of K.H. Mahfudz Ridwan appeared in the context of the formation of the PKB party, namely as an internal and external initiator of the PKB party.
Transformasi Sosial Keagamaan Masyarakat Muslim Lamongan Tahun 1990-2017: Religious Social Transformation of Lamongan Muslim Community in 1990-2017 Naylatul Irsyadah
Journal of Islamic History Vol. 2 No. 1 (2022): Journal of Islamic History
Publisher : Nur Science Institute

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Socio-religious transformation is a change that occurs in Javaneve society, especially in religious field. Changes in Javanese society that are getting greener show the occurrences of islamization which encourage the deepening and improvement of Islamic religiosity. This change is marked by the transformation of society towards Islamic orthodoxy (obedience to Islamic law). The benefit of this research is to provide knowledge about the history of clothing or the history of lifestyle in Indonesia, especially in Java. This study uses historical research methods. This research discuss about weddings and the bride's fashion. The stages in the historical research method are: (1) Heuristics or data collection, (2) Verification or resource criticism, (3) Interpretation or analysis of historical facts, and (4) Historiography or historical writing. The findings of this study are that the traditions surrounding the wedding and the bride's attire do not happen all at once but gradually. The transformation of tradition around marriage occurs in the form of: (a) The term of people who do bridal makeup from dukun manten to pemaes manten then changes to MUA; (b) Hajatan and entertainment of wedding celebration; (c) Bride's make-up. Meanwhile, the change in bridal attire took place through five phases, the changes are: a) the phase of traditional Javanese bridal attire, b) the blending phase of Javanese and European attire, c) the first phase of the presence of Muslim bridal attire, d) the massive phase of Muslim bridal attire, e) the domination phase of Muslim bridal attire. The shift in tradition around weddings and wedding attire itself is not only due to the influence of Islamization, but also due to Modernization.
Pola Kepemimpinan Sultanah Aceh dalam Pengembangan Ilmu Pengetahuan 1641-1699 M: The Leadership Pattern of the Sultanah of Aceh in the Development of Science 1641-1699 M Subkhana Adzim Baqi; Muhammad Aziz; Sri Windari
Journal of Islamic History Vol. 2 No. 1 (2022): Journal of Islamic History
Publisher : Nur Science Institute

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This study aims to determine the leadership pattern applied by the Sultanah of Aceh in the development of science from 1641-1699 AD. The method used in this study is the historical method. The election of Sultanah Aceh in its historical reflection experienced turbulence between groups who opposed the ascension to the throne of leadership from the Sultanah of Aceh. So that in its development, starting from the leadership of Sultanah Tajul Alam until the time of Kamalat Shah, the opponents (Wujudiyah) continued to try to overthrow Sultanah's leadership in the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam. The results of this study indicate that the leadership pattern of Sultanah Aceh in the development of science in the first period showed a significant development, until the fourth period. Although actually the sultanah as the queen had high authority, the Sultanah still held consultations with the royal advisor who was then held by a cleric, especially in determining an action or policy aimed at achieving progress towards the Aceh kingdom.
Dinamika Ketahanan Pondok Pesantren Waria Al-Fatah Yogyakarta 2006-2018 M: The Dynamics of Resilience of Al-Fatah Yogyakarta "Waria" (Transexual) Islamic Boarding School 2006-2018 AD Achmad Yazid
Journal of Islamic History Vol. 2 No. 1 (2022): Journal of Islamic History
Publisher : Nur Science Institute

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Al-Fatah Waria Islamic Boarding School is a place for Yogyakarta transgender people to get closer to God Almighty. This Transgender Islamic Boarding School was once just a kind of transgender association for small-scale recitations. It started with an earthquake that rocked Yogyakarta, where a member of the waria died in an earthquake, from which the waria held a recitation or sent a prayer to their friends who died. In its establishment, there are unique dynamics, ranging from moving from place to place, or often getting threats from internal and external. This article focuses on the ins and outs of the ups and downs of Islamic boarding school survival, as well as the triggers for the survival of this Transgender Islamic Boarding School which increasingly exists in the times. This article belongs to the type of history, which uses historical research methods. The stages in the historical research method, among others, namely. Heuristics or source collection, which consists of primary and secondary sources, both in written and oral form in the form of interviews. Verification or source criticism, both internal and external criticism. Interpretation or interpretation of sources, as well. Historiography or historical writing. The results of this study are, the origin of the birth of the Transgender Islamic Boarding School, starting from one transgender person named Mother Maryani who attended the recitation at the residence of K. H. Hamrolie. After many years, Mother Maryani then gathered transgender people throughout Yogyakarta to be invited to recite the Koran. After carrying out the special recitation for transgender people, K. H. Hamrolie proposed to build a special Islamic boarding school for transgender women, named Pesantren Waria Monday-Thursday, located at Notoyu and the residence of Mrs. Maryani. In addition, in its growth and development, there were two conflicts, namely internal conflicts, and external conflicts with the Islamic organization FJI, so that this pesantren was difficult to become big. As for the existence of this pesantren, there is encouragement from within the pesantren itself, such as the family community, as well as from outside parties such as academics and the Legal Aid Institute. Meanwhile, the obstacles to the progress of the pesantren are the frequent changing locations, members or students who do not stay, and the frequent threats from outside.
Fi Makrifat Al Jawahir Karya Reyhan Al Biruni: Kitab Rujukan Teknologi Manufaktur Logam Dunia: Fi Ma'rifat Al Jawahir by Raihan Al Biruni: Reference Book of World Metal Manufacturing Technology Agus Pramono
Journal of Islamic History Vol. 2 No. 1 (2022): Journal of Islamic History
Publisher : Nur Science Institute

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The Muslim scientist who became the scientific reference on the manufacturing sector was Reyhan al-Biruni. The processing of wrought iron and the manufacture of steel from cast iron is carried out through the carbonization process. The element carbon has a very significant influence on the strength of the metal. The maximum solubility of Fe3C in iron is: 6.67%. This is a series of calculations of the composition of the atomic weight of each constituent element, which is the atomic weight of Fe = 56, the atomic weight of Carbon 12. Calculation of steel compounds Fe3C = 56 X 3 = 180. The solubility of Carbon in steel is 6.67, coming from 2/180 X 100% = 6.67%. Metal processing that has received worldwide attention today is the ECAP method, which is capable of producing significant mechanical strength. The stages of the ECAP process start from the process of applying a compressive force to the sample that is placed in the mold. A special characteristic of ECAP is the ability to introduce fine grain refinement into large bulk samples. Capable of reducing the size of fine grains to the size of nanometers, resulting in a material that is able to provide maximum physical and mechanical properties. ECAP combines compressive stress and tensile stress in the mold. The ECAP formula was previously found in the book of Fi Makrifat Al Jawahir by Reyhan Al Biruni. The book it was explaine in great detail that when metal is bent there will be an increase in its strength because of the reaction between metals

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