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An Analysis on Adultery in Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter Listyowati, Rini
International Journal of English Education and Linguistics (IJoEEL) Vol 2, No 2 (2020)
Publisher : Universitas Nurul Jadid

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Abstract. The main feature of the research discusses the adultery on Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale in Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter. Adultery is caused by several things and has impact to the doers. The research purposed is to find out the factors cause adultery done by the two main characters and the impacts on the doers. The research is qualitative research. Therefore, it applies descriptive method since the writer describes the analysis based on the data and the theories. The research uses psychological approach that just focuses on the psychological condition of adultery’s doers. The data are collected from the original text of The Scarlet Letter, then analyzed in terms of factors and impacts of adultery. The result of the research was clearly found and explained that the act of adultery is caused by several things, namely need of safety, need of affection, need of love and belongingness, and need of sex. while its impacts make the doers experience certain psychological conditions, these are esteem need, psychotic anxiety, safety need, develop superego, neurotic anxiety, mental disorder, and psychosomatic illness . The act of adultery makes the doers have different conflicts because they have different ways in facing the impacts of adultery. Hester has external conflict  such as conflict with the society, magistrates, her husband, and her child. While Dimmesadle has internal conflict  such as double avoidance conflict, double approach conflict, and approach avoidance conflict.     
Timbal Balik Koreksi Langsung Dan Tidak Langsung Dalam Mata Kuliah Percakapan Di Universitas Rini Listyowati; Ina Daril Hanna
Wacana Didaktika Vol 6 No 02 (2018): Desember 2018
Publisher : Universitas Islam Madura

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In recent years, corrective feedback has important role in Second language classroom. It becomes a good way to improve the students’errors both structural and spoken. Corrective feedback has been discussed mainly in writing class but less in speaking class. This objective of the research is describing the impact of verbal and non verbal corrective feedback that used in conversation courses. This study is descriptive qualitative research because the purpose is to gain information about phenomena that exist in this research. This study focused on conversation courses dealing with structural errors and spoken errors. The result explained that in conversation courses, the teacher used the various kinds of verbal-non verbal corrective feedback and verbal corrective feedback became more dominant and be efficient to correct students’ structural errors and spoken errors. The subject of the research is first semester and third semester of English Education Department students at Islamic Madura University-Pamekasan, east Java. The research conducted in four classes, two classes are first semester and two classes are third semester students. The four classes are joined then divided into two classes which each class consists of first and third semester students. Both classes is treated by verbal-non verbal for 5 weeks. The data were discussed qualitatively. The study found a significant effect for verbal Feedback that used to improve structural error in the use of tenses but no overall effect on accuracy improvement of Pronunciation. Students still have errors in pronouncing some words. It is hard to correct because it is influenced by Madurasse dialect. Keywords : Verbal-non verbal, Corrective Feedback, Pronunciation, Grammatical Error. Abstrak: Dalam beberapa tahun terakhir, koreksi timbal balik mempunyai peranan penting dalam kelas bahasa kedua. Ini menjadi cara yang baik untuk memperbaiki kesalahan siswa baik secara structural maupun lisan. Koreksi umpan balik telah dibahas terutama dalam kelas writing tapi kurang dalam kelas speaking. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk menggambarkan dampak umpan balik korektif langsung dan tidak langsung yang digunakan dalam kelas speaking. Penelitian ini menggunakan design descriptive qualitative research karena bertujuan untuk mendapatkan informasi tentang fenomena yang ada dalam penelitian ini. Penelitian ini focus pada kelas speaking yang berhubungan dengan kesalahan structural dan kesalahan pengucapan. Hasilnya menjelaskan bahwa dalam kelas speaking dosen menggunakan beberapa jenis verbal-nonverbal corrective feedback dan umpan balik korektif verbal menjadi lebih dominan dan efisien untuk memperbaiki kesalahan structural dan kesalahan pengucapan. Subyek penelitian ini adalah mahasiswa jurusan Pendidikan bahasa Inggris semester pertama dan ketiga di Universitas Islam Madura –pamekasan, Jawa timur. Penelitian ini dilakukan dalam empat kelas , dua kelas adalah semester pertama dan dua kelas semester ketiga. Keempat kelas tersebut digabungkan menjadi dua kelas yang masing-masing terdiri dari mahasiswa semester pertama dan ketiga. Kedua kelas tersebut diperlakukan dengan CF verbal-non verbal for 5 weeks. Data yang diperoleh di bahasa secara kualitative. Penelitian ini menemukan efek yang signifikan bahwa umpan balik verbal lebih sering digunakan untuk memperbaiki kesalahan structural dalam penggunaan tenses tetapi tidak ada efek keseluruhan pada peningkatan akurasi pengucapan . Siswa masih memiliki kesalahan dalam mengucapkan beberapa kata dan sulit untuk diperbaiki karena dipengaruhi logat bahasa Madura.
Developing Instructional Materials of Drama for English Language and Letter Students SMA Al-Miftah Palengaan-Pamekasan rini listyowati; Ina Daril Hanna
Lingual: Journal of Language and Culture Vol 10 No 2 (2020): Lingual: Journal of Language and Culture
Publisher : English Department, Faculty of Humanities, Udayana University

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The purpose of developing instructional unit to get: (1) instrcutional unit for Drama teaching materials students of SMA AL-MIFTAH Palengaan Pamekasan, (2) determine the validity/feasibility of the product. The expert assessment include: 1) assessing the learning content expert product Drama courses teaching materials with excellent qualification with a score of 92,5%, guide teacher 89,58%, guide students 83%; 2) instructional design expert assess product materials Drama courses 85%, guide teacher 87,5%, guide students 87,5%; 3) media expert assess learning materials product Drama courses 97,5%, guide lecture 100%, guide students 97,5%. The result of the expert review as basis of further improvement of the products can be tested to get input from the users. The test includes: 1) an individual trial for four students with s score 88,7% and guide students 89,8%; 2) test for the small group of eight students, assess product of material s 90,4% and guide students 84.3%; 3) test for large group for 25 students evaluate teaching materials product 90,7% and guide students 84,3%. It can be concluded that product development is considered fit for using as a learning resource for language and letters department students of SMA AL-MIFTAH Palengaan Pamekasan.
The Use of Mind Mapping Technique to Improve The students’ Writing Skill on Analytical Exposition Text In Senior High School Rini Listyowati; Ina Daril Hanna
Loquen Vol 14 No 1 (2021): January-June
Publisher : English Education Department

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The aim of this study is to use mind mapping to improve students' writing skills on Analytical Exposition Text. Classroom Action Research was used as the method, which consists of two cycles divided into four stages: planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. The instruments used to collect data include a questionnaire, a test, and an observation checklist. The Mind mapping technique was found to be effective in improving the writing skills of SMA AL-MIFTAH Palengaan- Pamekasan students in XI grade Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris on Analytical exposition text. The research found an improvement in the students' writing ability in the second cycle. The students' writing ability scores who achieved the standard achievement/KKM were 26 students, indicating that 87 percent of the students reached the target, and most of the students achieved more than the target of success criteria.
Journal of English Educational Study (JEES) Vol 4, No 1 (2021): May Edition
Publisher : STKIP Persada Khatulistiwa Sintang

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Abstract: The research’s purpose is to perceive the implication of reading technique use and self-belief  to reading comprehension. This research is conducted to answer the problem do reading technique and self-belief fundamentally implication to college students’ reading comprehension. The problem was answered using alternative hypothesis stating reading technique and self-belief significantly implicate to college students’ reading comprehension. The reasearch used quantitative and research design is correlation. The subject of the reserach was 240 population students of English Education Department of Universitas Islam Madura Pamekasan. The sample was 150 students after being counted by Sloven theory. The sample was taken using simple random sampling with lottery media. The data was taken using questionnaire for reading technique which consisted of 30 points questions to know the frequency of reading technique use, questiannaire for self-belief which consisted of 9 questions for regulated learning and the answers scored using Likert Scale, the reading comprehension test consisted 40 questions were picked up from Longman Pre TOEFL reading test. The data were analyzed using regression formula to answer the reserach problem. Data analysis was counted using SPSS version 11.0. The result showed that reading technique and self-belief fundamentally implicate to the college students’ reading comprehension. It was authenticated by table of regression showing that the value of F is 14.339 (p<0.01). It meant that the data reject nul hypothesis and receive alternative hypothesis. It is substantiated reading technique and self-belief fundamentally to reading comprehension of students university.
A Study on Teaching Speaking at English Education Department of Universitas Islam Madura Rini Listyowati; Ina Daril Hanna
English Education : English Journal for Teaching and Learning Vol 9, No 02 (2021)
Publisher : UIN Syekh Ali Hasan Ahmad Addary Padangsidimpuan

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This study was purposed to describe the difficulties in linguistics faced by the students in studying Speaking and the ways taken by the lecturer in solving the students’ linguistics difficulties in studying Speaking at English Education Department of Universitas Islam Madura.The research design was descriptive and the subject of the study was fourth semester students and Speaking Lecturer of English Education Department. The data were collected by observing the Speaking lecturer and interviewing the six students and speaking lecturer. They were analyzed descriptively. The finding showed that the materials used in teaching speaking are Describing Object, Simple present and Vocabulary. Meanwhile, the strategies which are used by the lecturer are lecturing, individual task, group discussion, students’ performance and role play. The Speaking lecturer had some ways to solve the linguistic difficulties by making the class attractive, giving more detailed explanation and some exercises, giving more detailed explanation in the usage of tenses and some exercises, giving the vocabulary , and identifying the difficulties dealing with the students’ condition.
Developing Speaking Instructional Materials through Contextual Teaching and Learning Ina Daril Hanna; Rini Listyowati; Rabi’ah Rabi’ah
English Education : English Journal for Teaching and Learning Vol 10, No 01 (2022)
Publisher : UIN Syekh Ali Hasan Ahmad Addary Padangsidimpuan

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This study aims to produce speaking materials based on the students’ need and interests of Contextual Teaching Learning Approach. This research uses Research and Development design. In the context of the study, the researcher used questionnaire and interview guide. The draft of developed material focused on speaking and it was developed based on curriculum 2013. There are 11 units in this developed material.The researcher found that the materials was appropriate to the students. The students were interested to the topics so they were anthusiastic to speak in the class. It was because they thought that they really knew about the topic and it made them easy to prticipate the lesson. The students also interested with some pictures that display their classmate . It encourage them to read the materials anthusiasly.
Publisher : Universitas Islam Lamongan

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This research was conducted using a classroom action research design through two cycles. The purpose of the study is to know how Guided WH-Questions technique are able to increase the  speaking skill of the students at Junior High School. The research was conducted at SMP Al-Islamiyah Teja Barat Pamekasan. It is limited only at the first grade and the class consists of 19 students. The data was collected through observation sheet, field notes, the students’ test and questionnaire. In data analysis, the researcher utilized descriptive quantitative. The data from the outcome of observation and the students’ test are analyzed utilizing statistic analysis. The findings showed that the students’ involvement in learning process indicated the success of the teaching and learning if in the cycle 1 of meeting 1 was 77% and meeting 2 was 85,7%. Then. In second cycle of meeting 1 the students’ involvement improved to be 91, 4% and  meeting 2 was 97%. The refinement was seen from the advance of the students’ average speaking points. In preliminary study, the students’ speaking average score was 54, 8. It improved to be 71 in the cycle 1 and 82 in the cycle 2. While the students’ outcome of the questionnaire showed the students were fascinated and enjoyed in studying speaking through Guided WH-Question.
The Utilization of Chain Word Games to Improve Senior High School Students’ English Vocabulary Mastery Rini Listyowati; Sitti Anis Jumatus Solehah; Jaftiyatur Rohaniyah
English Education:Journal of English Teaching and Research Vol 8 No 2 (2023): English Education
Publisher : Universitas Nusantara PGRI Kediri

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Vocabulary is very important to be mastered by who are learning foreign language, especially for students at Senior High School. This research was conducted at MA Miftahul Qulub Polagan. Most of the students at MA Miftahul Qulub Polagan get difficulties in mastering English vocabulary. It was caused by the method in teaching vocabulary. So, the students felt boring and did not have motivation in learning vocabulary. Therefore, learning innovation is needed to build their motivation in learning vocabulary. This research conducted chain word games to improve students’ vocabulary mastery. The research design is classroom action research which has two cycles implementation. Test and observation were utilized to gather the data. The research performed that the students’ vocabulary mastery increased in each cycle such as in cycle 1 was 34% students who reached the comulative score and cycle II was 49% students who reached comulative score. Cycle I showed the average score of students' mastery was 67, and cycle II showed the average score 76. It can be concluded that Word Chain Game can improve students' vocabulary mastery.