Budiono, Eko Muhammad Arif
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Nilai Edukasi Candi Jabung Kecamatan Paiton Kabupaten Probolinggo dalam Pembelajaran Sejarah Budiono, Eko Muhammad Arif; Soepeno, Bambang; Nirmala P, Rully Putri
SINDANG: Jurnal Pendidikan Sejarah dan Kajian Sejarah Vol 1 No 2 (2019): SINDANG: JURNAL PENDIDIKAN SEJARAH DAN KAJIAN SEJARAH
Publisher : LP4MK STKIP PGRI Lubuklinggau

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Jabung Temple is a historical heritage temple from Majapahit Kingdom in Probolinggo Regency, which is located in Jabung Candi Village, this temple heritage site is still not maximally used in history learning. this study aims to determine the value of education contained in the temple jabung so that it can help in class learning for students. This study is an analytical / descriptive study of the value of education contained in jabung temples. The research site is the jabung candi village in Paiton sub-district where the temple of jabung stands. The research method is by step 1. heuristics (data collection) through the stages of observation, document study, and interviews 2. Criticism of sources 3. Interpretation through qualitative descriptive and 4. Historiography. The study studied was the value of education contained in the temple in its use in historical learning. Candi Jabung was visited by Maha Raja Hayam Wuruk when traveling east of Java. The journey carried out by the king was followed by the leadership, minister, family and Maha Patih gajah Mada by leading the troops of the parade, the journey also aimed at seeing and uniting the territory of the Majapahit kingdom in the eastern Java region. When you get to Paiton, you can use it as a learning resource in the classroom and as a tangible proof of historical heritage around students. The conclusion is of course there is an educational value contained in this jabung temple in learning history.
PROBOLINGGO MUSEUM AS EDUCATION TOURISM 2011-2019 Budiono, Eko Muhammad Arif; Sugiyanto, Sugiyanto; Soepeno, Bambang; Puji, Rully Putri Nirmala
JURNAL HISTORICA Vol 5 No 1 (2021): Februari 2021
Publisher : The University of Jember

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Probolinggo Museum is a museum in the Probolinggo City area. the Probolinggo museum has a function for the community, but the function of the museum has not been maximally utilized by the community in the field of education. The museum functions as tourism and education because museums contain elements of knowledge. The research objective was to determine the function of the Probolinggo Museum as a tourist and educational place, a source of knowledge and inspiration for the formation of the character values ​​of the museum for visitors. This research is about history, used the historical method with steps (1) Heruristic, (2) Criticism, (3) Interpretation, and (4) Historiography. The research results of the Probolinggo Museum have collections which are divided into several, including the Archaeological Collection, Ethnographic Collection, Heritage Collection, Historical Collection, Numismatic Collection, Philological Collection, Keramological Collection and Technological Collection which are the main attraction of the museum as a tourist destination. Probolinggo Museum has a source of knowledge about the history, art and culture of Probolinggo, knowledge is focused on the local area. The character values ​​of the Probolinggo Museum include religion, tolerance, love for the country, mutual cooperation and national spirit, these sources can be used as a visitor's educational character.